Friday, October 29, 2010

Owner Q & A - wihargo

Tito McQueen - Cobb Times Herald

Today the Cobb Times Herald sits down with owner wihargo, who has been in Cobb for 12 seasons, winning World Series in season 16.

Tell us a little bit about the world series winning owner wihargo, does your username have any special meaning, and who is your favorite Major League team?

-- wihargo is something I came up with after scrambling my initials and adding some letters. I mean no disrespect to any of the actual Wihargos who are out there. Growing up in Canada, I followed the Expos. I switched allegiances to the D-Rays when the Expos decided to leave. I only like teams that play indoors.

Everyone knows that Eric Collins is not only a pitching maestro, but has one of the best mustaches since Rollie Fingers. If you could wear the Collins stache, would you?
--As an experiment, I did try to grow one... looked real bad.

Eric Collins
Age: 33B/T: R/R
Born: Exeter, CA
Position(s): P (SP1)
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If you wouldn't wear the Collins mustache, is there any facial hair combo that you do prefer?
-- Would a couple of days' growth count?

What is your favorite obscure baseball stat that you use to evaluate your players?
-- Lately, I've been using wOBA to evaluate hitters. You can't live and die with stats in HBD, but I think you have to consider them to really understand the ratings.

Is Hades Booker a Hall of Famer?
-- I think he is. He was truly dominant when he played for ploppie. Booker could get in on that alone.

Hades Booker
Age: 39B/T: R/R
Born: Hancock, MI
Position(s): 1B/LF/DH
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Which Greek God not currently in the HBD name database needs to be, and why?
--Eros. I 'haven't seen that one yet. I think it would work well as long as the player had a moustache.

Which Greek God (or Goddess) best represents wihargo?
-- Hermes, because I think it would be cool to travel and be witty. I aspire to be like the Dos Equis guy and I think this god comes closest.

If wihargo has theme music, what is it?
-- Sam & Dave, “Hold On I’m Coming.” I’m always late. This is what should be played when everyone is waiting for me to get someplace.

Which literary epic would you rather read if there were nothing else to do and you were stuck on an island; Tristram Shandy, a Cock and Bull Story; or War and Peace? Or would you rather just dig a hole in the sand all day?
-- Tristam Shandy. According to Wikipedia, the author was "no friend to gravity" and I don’t like gravity much either, especially if I’m stuck on an island.

Which player(s) on your teams have been underrated for what they bring to the table, who are your unsung heroes?
-- Archie Gulan is practically Rick Honeycutt out of the Almendare bullpen and I sometimes forget about him. I always underrated Sarma O'Conner- his power made him a more valuable hitter than I realized. Lewis Allen was a wickedly good short stop for a long time and holds nearly every major Almendares hitting record. I allowed him to leave as a free agent when I should have realized how valuable he was to the team and extended him.

What was your greatest HBD moment?
-- Signing Hades Booker was really exciting. He was expensive, but I felt as though I had just taken a big step forward.

How frustrating is it having two Eric Collins that are both very nice starting pitchers? Are there lots of uniform and groupie mix-ups?
--The one without the moustache would wear a fake moustache to team events to confuse everyone. As a result, we didn't offer him a contract this year.

Which medieval occupation would you most want to do - Gong Farmer, Headsman, Torturer, Minstrel, Monk, Brewer, Knight, or Alchemist?
-- Knight. Basically, in my case, this would have involved a lot of hanging out. Who's going to tell a knight what to do?

WHIP or FIP, which do you prefer?

-- I like FIP. A guy could give up a ton of HRs and still have a low WHIP.

Who are some of your favorite players in Cobb history?
-- Dallas Kline was awesome; Jose Barrios; Pedro Franco is a very dangerous hitter; Dean Hernandez and Kaz Ong are still wicked pitchers.

What is the best trade you ever made in Cobb?
- Darryl Young for Reggie Serafini. Young is a fine player and Pawtucket will probably be considered to have won this trade in the end. I think, however, that Serafini was a difference maker during the Season 16 playoff run. It also helped that ploppie traded me future HOF Kenny Blair during the playoff push to fill Young's spot.

Which players (pitcher and hitter) on another Cobb team have you always coveted?
--I always thought Kory Arnold on Anaheim would be an awesome hitter to have. I'm sure every owner has wondered how their rotation would look if they had Dean Hernandez as their #1.

Going forward in Cobb, what are your short and long term prospects?
--This year I'm trying to stay competitive while adding a few complimentary pieces through the draft. I haven't been able to focus on the draft for a couple of seasons due to time issues- I think I can this year though and I'm excited about it. Next year I'm hoping to sign core players to extensions and add some top talent through free agency.

Finally, what is your favorite deep fried food?
 --The blooming onion.

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