Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cobb's weekly winners and losers

Hi everyone, this is Chief Broken Rubber your new Cobb reporter. I was hired to give you a detailed update on what happened the previous week. This includes team records, best and worst, division records etc. Once we get going, it will include dominant pitchers and players of the week as well. I hope everyone likes this, as it will take time to gel. I have a story about my name, but we can cover that in another session. Ok let's get this thing started. These records are from January 21 AM games-January 27th PM 2 games.

Top teams for the week:

1. Wichita 16-4
2.St.Louis 14-5
3.Anaheim 13-7
4.Washington 13-7
5.Sioux Falls 12-7

Bottom teams for the week :

1. Iowa City 5-15
2.Montgomery 6-14
3. Salem 6-13
4. Charlotte 7-12
5. Jackson 7-12
6. Richmond 7-12

Top Divisions

NL EAST absolutely was by far the best division of the week. Every team was over .500 for the week. Wichita (16-4) St.Louis (14-5) Syracuse (12-8) and Atlanta (11-8). outstanding job for the whole division.

1. NL EAST 53-25
2.AL EAST 44-34
3. NL NORTH 43-35
4. AL WEST 40-38
5. AL NORTH 36-41
6. AL SOUTH 36-42
7. NL WEST 32-44
8. NL SOUTH 28-50

Chief Broken Rubber -- Cobb Times Herald

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Owner Q & A - shobob

Cortez Mack - Cobb Times Herald

Today the Times Herald sits down with the owner of the Vancouver Grizzlies. Once a powerhouse in the early years of Cobb World, the Grizzlies have taken some time to retool and are now one of the hot young teams in the American League. Read on to find out about owner shobob and his passion for classic rock and his tireless efforts to win over the fans in Vancouver.

So, tell us about the name shobob. Is it short for something, like show me Robert? Or is it actually S. Ho Bob?
--The original Shobob was one of the sons of King David. My name is David, so I've had an affinity for the name for a few years now. I've also named a cat and a tree Shobob.
Editors Note: the image on the right came up on the first page of a google image search for "shobob."

You have been enjoying life in the AL West for a good four seasons now, and looking up at Helena and Anaheim for most of them. How soon until Vancouver makes its way back to the top?
--I'm thinking that for the Grizzlies to take the division title by season 13 is a reasonable expectation.

Tommy Wakeland
Age: 23B/T: S/R
Born: Webbers Falls, OK
Position(s): P (P)
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Your team has some very good young players, which ones should Cobb World be looking out for in the future?
--I'm really excited about Tommy Wakeland. I wish he had better durability, so I could play him every four games!

Dude Barry
Age: 26B/T: R/R
Born: Lovelady, TX
Position(s): CF/1B/2B/OF
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Have there been any duds that you have brought up that just didn't pan out like you had hoped?
--I've kind of always wanted more out of Dude Barry, but I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. Perhaps Fernando Pineda, but once again, no shocker there.

If shobob had to choose a concert to attend, which one would he go to?
A. Barry Manilow w/ Tom Jones
B. Fall Out Boy w/ Coheed and Cambria
C. Monsters of Rock featuring the Scorpions and Poison
D. Celene Dion live at Las Vegas
E. The Cure w/ Interpol
F. Other (please explain) Neil Young w/ Bob Dylan I love the classics!

Who is the best former Corn Cleat on your roster, Enrique Arroyo, Eric Lee, or Angel Beltre?
--I'd have to say Lee. He has done a good job filling in at many positions, and holds his own at the plate.

Who would win in a lumber jack competition, Patrick Stanton or Paul Bunyan?
--I'm gonna go with Stanton on that one. Not even close.

Which of Anaheims MVP's would you most like to have on your roster, Alan Peterson or Kory Arnold?
--I'd say Arnold. Gotta love that bat!

Do the Grizzlies have trouble competing in the hockey-centric culture of Vancouver Canada? What kind of promotion really works well with a Canuck audience?
--We have a few promotions, mostly involving cheap beer. The NHL's Vancouver Canucks season ticket holders get free tickets to Grizzly games, but none have shown up yet.

Vancouver is really far to the North, can you see Russia from your stadium?
--Yes, when we get out our atlases

What is the best ballpark food at Nat Bailey Stadium?
--It would have to be the sushi. There is a large Japanese population in Vancouver

Has Pamela Anderson ever made a cameo appearance to throw out the first pitch for the hometown Grizzlies?
--No. She snubbed us in favour of a half time show for the CFL's B.C. Lions

Better old time wrestler - Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, or Bob Backlund?
--Andre the Giant. Also a pretty good actor, as evidenced in "The Princess Bride" - An all time classic.

Do you find there to be a media bias against your team? If so, what would you do to correct this?
--We try to encourage our players to get into bench clearing brawls and other forms of on-field violence. That should get us some attention!

Do you have a live Grizzly for a mascot, or some dude running around in a goofy suit?
--During the seventh inning stretch, a dude in a goofy suit gets a steak tied to his ass, and a real grizzly chases him around the ballpark.

If you have a live Grizzly, have you ever considered a sausage race featuring the bear and contestants wearing raw meat?
--See above

Do the Grizzlies face a financial disadvantage due to the exchange rate of the Canadian Dollar? Do you believe that changes should be implemented within HBD to offset the difference and award your franchise and Toronto more money?
--Hey, you know what? I never thought of that! No fair! I think I need at least 20 million more. I think I'll send in a ticket...

What is the one trade you regret the most, and the one you are most proud of?
--I do not regret a single trade! I haven't made many. I'm liking the way that Michael Ong is working out for me at DH, so I'll call that one my favourite.

Which player in your minor league system is the most exciting big league prospect?
--Richard Nakajima. It's kind of a shame that he won't have the range for a true ML SS, so he's going to be one of the best defensive 3Bs in the game. Never mind that though, it's his bat, durability, health, speed, patience and having no weaknesses that make him an elite level prospect.

Mac Xaio
Age: 25B/T: S/L
Born: Okinawa, JP
Position(s): P (SP2)
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Who on your team has the best theme music?
--That has to be "Mac the Knife" for Mac Xiao.

Who are you calling out as your biggest rival in Cobb World?
--I'll go with lebeaubg, since his Pittsburg SSP and the Grizzlies invariably seem to be near each other in the standings for the past three seasons

Which extreme sports have you contractually banned your players from participating in during the offseason?
--All of them. I call it the "no fun" rule.

If there were a music video that encapsulated the world of shobob, what would it be?
--What else could it be, but "Loser" by Beck?
Editors Note: The actual Beck video is unable to be posted due to copyright, but this following video is just as loserific in the opinion of the Times Herald staff.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Awards Watch List and Predictions

Today is your first instalment of Optimus Prime's, Awards Watch List and Predictions.  There were more than enough worthy candidates in each category, therefore some great players will feel snubbed.  Keep in mind that this list will be updated after the all-star break, so your favorite guy has some time to prove me wrong.  Without further ado here are my preseason hardware handouts:


Top 5

Kory Arnold - 1B Anaheim

Has quickly become the most feared hitter in the American League. His numbers last season were scary good: 60 HRs, 164 RBIs, and a .322 BA. Only 27 years old, he already has back-to-back MVPs to his name (seasons 9 and 10). There will be no gripes about his name being mentioned here as Arnold is an obvious choice to defend his award once again this season.

Pedro Franco - DH Nashville

While Arnold is the most feared hitter in the AL, Franco has become the most respected with his ML leading 32 intentional walks last season (2nd all-time in Cobb history). Did we mention he's only 22 years old. Watch out AL pitchers, he's only getting better! Gifted against both righties and lefties with an uncanny eye at the plate, there's about a 50/50 chance Pedro is going to get on base when he comes to the plate.

Nick Weaver - LF Cleveland

Weaver is still crying like a little girl after his postseason confrontation with "Dizzy" Dean Hernandez, when Hernandez attempted to plunk him in the head...twice! The second incident lead to a bench clearing from both sides, but the umpires and managers were able to break it up before anything got out of hand. However, later footage revealed that Weaver didn't join his fellow Steamers when they charged the field. Shockingly he stayed in the batters box curled in the fetal position. Adding to his embarrassment, a story leaked by an old high school teammate revealed that Weaver was a perpetual bed wetter and has to wear adult diapers. Other than the fact that he plays for the evil empire, what's not to like about Weaver? This guy can hit for average, get on base, has power to all fields...oh and he has plenty of speed to boot! He's a great player with many productive seasons in his future.

Jeremy Hernandez - 1B Scranton

The anchor of what always seems to be a lethal lineup. Hernandez is one of the most overlooked players in all of Cobb. He puts up great numbers year after year and we think this season is no different. In fact we are predicting Hernandez will have his best year ever in a Scranton uniform. 45 HRs 125 RBIs and .300 BA this season would not catch this beat writer by surprise.

Kip Zeile - 1B Chicago

What's a guy gotta do to get any respect in this league? Hit 63 HRs and bat .300 in the same season....apparently that's not enough to get the balloters attention. Zeile has arguably been the best pure power hitter to come through Cobb and is a sure lock to be a hall of famer when he decides to hang it up. At the age of 30 he doesn't have many more 60+ HR seasons left in the tank, but we think he is going to surpass his total from last season and belt 65! He's pissed and that's not a good thing for AL pitchers.

Prediction: Kip Zeile. It will be a close race between Kip Zeile and Kory Arnold. Zeile is coming into the season with a chip on his shoulder, while Arnold may be a little complacent after winning back to back years. The added focus should give Zeile the edge. He will finally get the respect he deserves after he wins his first ever MVP award.

Darkhorses: *Hades Booker, Thomas Hill, Joseph Funaki, and Sammy Bennett.

*Due to injury Hades will be out for an extended part of the season and is no longer a likely candidate for MVP honors.


Top 5

Jose Barrios - LF Omaha

The best there ever was!!! Nuff said....nah we love talking about this guy. The "Legend of Big Bad Barrios" continues to grow after winning the triple-crown last season. He already holds many (if not most) of the Cobb batting records and there's no telling when he'll stop piling it on. His durability could allow him to be an effective player until he's 40 and by then no one will be able to touch his records. The "Legend of Big Bad Barrios" will be put in the same category as the tall tale of George Washington and the Cherry Tree....except his tale is actually true. We anticipate another standard season from Barrios and usually that means an MVP award.

Kenny Blair - 2B Syracuse

How has this guy not been to an all-star game since season 8? We think that is absolutely incredulous! Blair is a stud - he has averaged close to 40HRs and 40SBs the last 4 seasons. Obviously the all-star snubs are a byproduct of Blair being a second-half season player. This little tidbit tells us he is at his best when it matters most. To make matters worse for NL pitchers, Syracuse is loaded 1-8 so it will be nearly impossible to pitch around Blair this season. Great expectations are on the horizon for Blair and we would be shocked if he isn't in the running for MVP by year’s end.

Chipper Harper - 1B Saint Louis

Harper is every owner’s wet dream. Fittingly, team owner rbf (close friends call him Richie) came out during a press conference last season and stated, "I have a man crush on Chip!" For those who are unaware, Chip is rbf's pet name for his star player. Much to the chagrin of local fans in St. Louis, photos from a correspondent at the Cincinnati Inquirer revealed Chip and Richie - known as Chippie by the tabloids - exchanging valentines over dinner at their favorite restaurant Brio. Even with the off the field distractions, Chip is expected to have his best year yet with the HounDogs. We think his stat line could look like this by the end of the season: 35 HRs, 130 RBIs, .350 BA, and 15 SBs.

Grant Keats - RF Wichita

Keats is a five-tool player who is one of the select few in Cobb to accomplish the 40-40 feat in a single season. He was at his best last season and would have likely won the MVP award if it weren't for "that guy" in Omaha. Rumor has it Keats is still bitter over Barrios' dominance last season. Overheard from an anonymous source, during the winter meetings Keats attempted to pull a "Tanya Harding." Little did he know Barrios can walk on water and read minds, therefore foiling his plot of sabotaging his career. With that said Keats looks refocused at having a great year for his team and should reproduce similar numbers to last seasons 44 HRs, 140 RBIs, .313 BA, and 31 SBs.

Louie Tarraga - RF Fargo

"King Louie" is coming off his worst season, which is still better than 98% of the league. Fargo owner mrploppie had high expectations for him after making 104 trade attempts just to finally get him out of Atlanta/Durham. We think Tarraga is due for a rebound season and will have numbers that fall somewhere between his season 9 MVP year and last year, which is good enough to be in the company of the afforementioned players.

Prediction: Kenny Blair. It's hard to pick against the man, the myth, the legend - Jose Barrios; however, we here at the Cobb Times are paid nothing to make bold predictions. Although there are many worthy candidates in the NL we think Kenny Blair takes home the hardware this season. Is a 40-40 season in store for Blair? If it is, that should get the voters attention. We like his odds seeing that he plays for arguably the best team in Cobb.

Darkhorses: Ernest McConnell, Jung Lee, Corey Green, and Quilivo Suarez.


Top 5

Dean Hernandez - SP Pawtucket

"Dizzy" Dean is the ace of spades amongst AL pitchers. At 28 years old he already has 2 Cy's to his name. He strikes fear into a batters eyes when he stands at the mound...just ask Weaver! Most of all Hernandez is a workhorse with phenominal stuff. The only concern is that his career takes a sudden drop in production from the wear and tear of pitching all those innings the last 2 seasons. We anticipate another 20 win season for this future hall of famer.

Eric Collins - SP Mexico City

Known in just about every corner of the United States by the ladies for his mean mustache rides, Collins is building an even better reputation as a studly pitcher. Last season's co-ROY doesn't have a weakness in his game and is expected to put up big numbers for Mexico City this season. Who doesn't like a guy on the mound with 5 good out pitches to choose from? We're guessing that by seasons end Collins will have the best winning percentage and WHIP in the ML.

Skeeter Robertson - SP Pawtucket

To the window. To the wall. To all skeet, skeet, skeet! Ironically Lil John's "Get Low" is Robertson's favorite song to warmup to before a game. As a member of the Pawtucket rotation he is bound to get his wins. There are few (if any) owners in this league who can match Pawtucket ownership's evaluation of pitching talent. Skeeter was a finalist for the Cy last season and we expect the same kind of results this year.

Andres Quixote - SP Washington D.C.

"Anthrax" is as lethal as his nickname sounds. The AL better watch out this season because he is ready to rebound from a year where his ERA hovered around 5. Based on the law of numbers and how highly we think of this youngster, "Anthrax" is destined to have fine campaign this season. Blessed with 4 great pitches in his arsenal as well as a formidable lineup behind him, we expect this spore-forming bacterium to reach 2o wins this year.

J.T. Kydd - SP Anaheim

"The Kydd" is a model of consistency in the Anaheim rotation. With future hall of famer Olmedo Contreras in the twilight of his career someone in their rotation needs to step in and fill his size 24 shoes. We think that guy is Mr. Kydd. He already has 20 and 18 win seasons to his name and should be close to that number with the mighty Anaheim lineup behind him. If Kydd can match his production from season 8 he will be an easy choice as a finalist for the Cy.

Prediction: Eric Collins. The man with a stache that puts Tom Selleck's to shame is ready to shine this season. We think his numbers will jump out at you by season's end and be enough to edge out Hernandez and Quixote.

Dark Horses: Ruben Gonzales, Gregory Hanson, Eddie Rivers, and Tommy Wakeland


Top 5

Juan Moreno - SP New York

A bit of surprise last year in beating out his former teammate Kaz Ong. Moreno isn't flashy with his pitches as he only really has 2 effective ones in his arsenal, but he has great movement within the strike zone. Bottom line is Moreno knows how to get batters out, which is all that matters in this league. Playing for a up and coming team in New York expect to see this younsters name among the finalist once again.

Kazuhiro Ong - SP Omaha

While Hernandez is the Ace of Spades, Ong is a Royal Flush. This 3 time Cy winner is devasting during the regular season, but "King Ong" is the dictator once playoff time rolls around. As a workhorse with incredible stuff he can carry a team on his back through the post-season. He's the kind of pitcher you don't wish on your worst enemey (unless his name is p-vowel). There's no doubt Ong will be a finalist for the Cy again, even after skipping 3-4 starts due to a shoulder strain.

Kirt Hooper - SP Fargo

This guy always seems to be at the top of the list of candidates year in and year out, yet Hooper still doesn't have the hardware to match his dominance over the last 6 seasons. At 31 years old could this be his year? We think there's a good chance "Captain Kirt" will break through the 20 win plateau for the first time, which should make him an easy choice to put on the ballot.

Ron Reilly - SP Syracuse

Last season's ROY is an ace in the making and is an early favorite to win the Cy. Why? Reilly's playing for a loaded team in Syracuse and his overall stuff is filthy. Combine the two ingredients and you have yourself a pitcher who capable of winning every time he takes a step up to the mound. The only potential setback for Reilly is the always auspicious sophomore slump after a ROY type of season. However, we think he is just too good to let that sort of thing affect his game.

Davey Silva - SP Wichita

Another great young pitcher in a division loaded with them. "Sterling Silva" won the Cy 2 seasons ago when he posted an absurd 1.66 ERA along with 20 wins. Last season Silva had the sophomore blues as far as wins were concerned, but still managed a 3.21 ERA and 40 starts. There's no doubt Silva's ERA and WHIP will be among the best come seasons end. He is just too good on too good of team to not make it back to 15-20 wins this season. With all expectations considered it would be idiotic to believe Silva won't be in the mix to win the Cy this season.

Prediction: Kirt Hooper. Yes, this is finally the year Hooper takes home his first piece of hardware in what will be another extremely tight race. Altough Fug Nut ownership will be sweating it out as they don't like to shell out the premium dollars that follow a Cy Young winner.

Darkhorses: Ivan Canseco, Duke Gibbs, Vance Weaver, and Zephyr Burns


Top 5

Buzz Boswell - SP Helena

Charlie Baker - C Mexico City

Benito Beltre - SP Toronto

Mike Fitzgerald - 3B Pittsburgh

Hector Chavez - SP Vancouver

Prediction: Benito Beltre will be a future Cy Young award winner, but this year he will start things off by taking home the ROY honors.

Call ups to keep an on: Tony Arnold


Top 5

Lyle Crudale - 1B Atlanta

Omar Rosado - 1B New York

Rico Fernandez - SP Montgomery

Anthony Tabaka - RF Jackson

Theodore Starr - 2B Richmond

Prediction: Anthony Tabaka.  He is tearing it up early on and we like his combination of speed, power, contact, and batting eye all of which should make up for his low splits.   

Call ups to keep an eye on:  Omar DaSilva


Top 5

Sarma Inge - Washington D.C.

Harold Charles - Anaheim

Jose Rios - Pawtucket

Bart Sutton - Nashville

Maglio Rodriguez - Scranton

Prediction: Jose Rios.  Good closer with 3 scary pitches on a team that will win a lot of close games should translate into Rios winning the award.

Don't forget: Tony Coomer, Louie Rodriquez, and Charles Gold


Top 5

Kirk White - Syracuse

Shane Parrish - Souix Falls

Bobby Flores - Omaha

Elvis Kennedy - Saint Louis

Louie Brogna - New York

Prediction: Shane Parrish.  Should be a close race with all the good closers in the NL, but Parish has won this award before and will do again this season.

Don't forget: Sean Hill, Santos Diaz, and Gregory Rivers


DH - Pedro Franco

C - Eddie Helms

1B - Kip Zeile

2B - Enrique Guardado

3B - Joseph Funaki

SS - R.J. Cubillan

LF - Nick Weaver

CF - Jose Cervantes

RF - Mark Hocking


P - Davey Silva

C - Jung Lee

1B - Chipper Harper

2B - Kenny Blair

3B - John Helms

SS - Pedro Chavez

LF - Jose Barrios

CF - Paul Jung

RF - Grant Keats


P - Flip Heathcott

C - Mule Parker

1B - Francis Kent

2B - Vic Guardado

3B - Thomas Hill

SS - Malcom Young

LF - Armando Chavez

CF - Harpo Hurst

RF - Luke Henley


P - Josias Lopez

C - Luis Fernandez

1B - Wikki Vazquez

2B - Enrique Morales

3B - Steven Grilli

SS - Angel Vazquez

LF - Emmanuel Castillo

CF - Valerio Carrasquel

RF - O.T. Jarvis

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Scwibremetric Projections - Season 11

Ladies and gentlemen and peio,
The time has come unveil the first batch of projections from the prestigious Society for Cobb World Imaginary Baseball Research (SCWIBR). Three years ago, when the SCWIBR was founded, they announced their intention to perform research and analysis in an attempt to provide objective, quantitative methods to accurately predict the performance of individual players and teams. Unfortunately, until recently, the SCWIBR team seemed more interested in throwing poop than performing any real work. However, SCWIBR installed new leadership one month ago and has started the innovative "banana incentive" program to motivate their team. Born out of fresh motivation, here are your Season 11 Scwibremetric projections.

These are the flat team ratings. This only takes the ratings of the players on each team into account and uses those to predict their ability to score and prevent runs.

Team Run
Syracuse 65.1 68.7 133.8
Omaha 66.0 67.0 133.0
Fargo 66.2 66.2 132.4
Pawtucket 61.0 70.1 131.1
Huntington 66.2 63.9 130.1
Sioux Falls 64.9 65.1 130.0
Scranton 65.8 63.6 129.4
Wichita 64.2 65.1 129.3
Cleveland 64.8 64.5 129.3
Washington D.C. 62.0 66.1 128.1
Anaheim 63.0 64.9 127.9
Mexico City 59.9 67.1 127.0
St. Louis 59.4 66.6 126.0
Atlanta 61.3 64.2 125.5
Helena 61.8 63.6 125.5
Pittsburgh 62.0 62.8 124.9
Nashville 59.7 65.1 124.8
Richmond 64.3 60.4 124.6
Detroit 59.5 63.5 123.0
New York 59.5 63.3 122.9
Vancouver 57.7 64.8 122.5
Chicago 57.8 63.5 121.2
Jackson 58.8 60.9 119.7
Montgomery 58.4 61.2 119.6
Tacoma 56.7 62.1 118.8
Charlotte 57.6 60.6 118.3
Trenton 57.3 60.3 117.6
Honolulu 55.0 60.2 115.2
Salem 55.9 59.0 114.9
Kansas City 50.3 62.7 113.0
Iowa City 54.1 57.0 111.1
Toronto 54.9 56.2 111.1

The flat ratings shown above were then used along with each team's playing schedule to project out the number of runs they will score and give up this season. Those totals were used to calculate their expected winning percentage and win totals. These are the projected results, by division.

AL North


Team RS RA Pct W L
Pawtucket 868 608 0.671 109 53
Detroit 818 802 0.510 83 79
Chicago 775 805 0.481 78 84
Toronto 691 1021 0.314 51 111

AL East


Team RS RA Pct W L
Cleveland 950 764 0.607 98 64
Scranton 974 788 0.604 98 64
Washington D.C. 885 724 0.599 97 65
Pittsburgh 879 816 0.537 87 75

AL South


Team RS RA Pct W L
Mexico City 844 697 0.595 96 66
Nashville 836 755 0.551 89 73
Charlotte 776 886 0.434 70 92
Kansas City 595 837 0.335 54 108

AL West


Team RS RA Pct W L
Anaheim 920 748 0.602 98 64
Helena 889 785 0.562 91 71
Vancouver 787 759 0.518 84 78
Tacoma 755 836 0.449 73 89

NL North


Team RS RA Pct W L
Fargo 1021 746 0.652 106 56
Sioux Falls 985 781 0.614 99 63
New York 845 841 0.503 81 81
Trenton 783 937 0.411 67 95

NL East


Team RS RA Pct W L
Syracuse 998 673 0.687 111 51
Wichita 968 782 0.605 98 64
St. Louis 848 744 0.565 92 70
Atlanta 891 812 0.546 89 73

NL South


Team RS RA Pct W L
Huntington 1019 803 0.617 100 62
Richmond 961 909 0.528 85 77
Jackson 823 903 0.454 74 88
Montgomery 812 894 0.452 73 89

NL West


Team RS RA Pct W L
Omaha 1019 717 0.669 108 54
Honolulu 725 934 0.376 61 101
Salem 746 969 0.372 60 102
Iowa City 696 1032 0.313 51 111

Based on these projected win totals, these would be your playoff qualifiers.

American League
1. Pawtucket (109 wins)
2. Cleveland (98 wins)
3. Anaheim (98 wins)
4. Mexico City (96 wins)
5. Scranton (98 wins)
6. Helena (91 wins)

National League
1. Syracuse (111 wins)
2. Omaha (108 wins)
3. Fargo (106 wins)
4. Huntington (100 wins)
5. Sioux Falls (100 wins)
6. Wichita (98 wins)