Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cobb's weekly winners and losers

Hi everyone, this is Chief Broken Rubber your new Cobb reporter. I was hired to give you a detailed update on what happened the previous week. This includes team records, best and worst, division records etc. Once we get going, it will include dominant pitchers and players of the week as well. I hope everyone likes this, as it will take time to gel. I have a story about my name, but we can cover that in another session. Ok let's get this thing started. These records are from January 21 AM games-January 27th PM 2 games.

Top teams for the week:

1. Wichita 16-4
2.St.Louis 14-5
3.Anaheim 13-7
4.Washington 13-7
5.Sioux Falls 12-7

Bottom teams for the week :

1. Iowa City 5-15
2.Montgomery 6-14
3. Salem 6-13
4. Charlotte 7-12
5. Jackson 7-12
6. Richmond 7-12

Top Divisions

NL EAST absolutely was by far the best division of the week. Every team was over .500 for the week. Wichita (16-4) St.Louis (14-5) Syracuse (12-8) and Atlanta (11-8). outstanding job for the whole division.

1. NL EAST 53-25
2.AL EAST 44-34
3. NL NORTH 43-35
4. AL WEST 40-38
5. AL NORTH 36-41
6. AL SOUTH 36-42
7. NL WEST 32-44
8. NL SOUTH 28-50

Chief Broken Rubber -- Cobb Times Herald