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Manager In Depth - alogman1

Cortez Mack - Cobb Times Herald

Today I was able to sit down with the GM of the Durham Pitbulls, alogman1. Known for his stranglehold of the 4th place position in the NL East, and for his adamant refusal to trade Louie Tarraga, alogman1 has been bringing baseball to Durham since season 5. Here is what the often outspoken alogman1 had to say.

Who is the worst owner in Pitbulls history, metsmaniac2, jbranham39, phillyfan33, or alogman1?
--Phillyfan33 – any other noob would have quit after one season with the team I inherited

What would it take for you to trade Louie Tarraga to the Fargo Fug Nuts?
--Hades Booker, his top 2 SP prospects, the Season 6 World Series Trophy, and his left kidney.

Would you trade Louie Tarraga for Kosuke Fukudome?
--Wouldn’t have to, I’d spend 30 million signing Fukudome as an International Free Agent

Would you trade Louie Tarraga for Ron Santo's nacho chips?
--Of course, there are some offers you just can’t refuse.

Louie Tarraga
Age: 21B/T: L/L
Born: Mattoon, IL
Position(s): RF/1B/LF/DH
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What player in your minor leagues are you most looking forward to seeing hit the majors?
--Brook Colin. Having that kind of bat with gold glove caliber CF defense is a dream come true.

Brook Colin
Age: 19B/T: R/R
Born: Slate Hill, NY
Position(s): CF/CIF/2B/OF/DH
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The Pitbulls have been wallowing in last place in the NL East for quite some time, but you seem to have turned the corner. How do you rate your teams prospects for the future?
--The other teams in the NL East have a lot of quality, young talent. All of the teams in the division look good for the future. Hopefully within the next couple of seasons we can dig our way out of the cellar.

Which player on the Pitbulls is most likely to succumb to roid rage?
--It’s definitely Wiki Vazquez. If not from roid rage, he’s likely to wig out from some other drug, he’s been on everything trying to either recover from injuries, or stay healthy.

Wiki Vazquez
Age: 32B/T: L/R
Born: Nizao de Bani, DO
Position(s): LF/1B/2B/DH
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As the Cobb Times Herald understands it, you have been playing fantasy baseball since the dark ages of Prodigy. How does Hardball Dynasty rate in all of the baseball games you have played?
--Yes, the Cobb Times Herald understands correctly. I have been playing fantasy baseball since way back around the time when mrploppie first became a senior citizen…as we all know that’s a VERY long time. Hardball Dynasty rates very highly. I love the depth of the game, and the challenge of the game. It’s very complex, and obviously, I’m still learning the ins and outs of the games in my 4th season with the Durham Pitbulls, where as other games have been easy to figure out.

Why do they call you "The Sandman?"
--Cause back in the day I drank beer, smoked cigarettes and wielded a mean Singapore Cane just like the ECW wrestler Sandman. Either that or it was because I was constantly putting people to sleep.

There seems to be a bit of a rivalry between you and geltzjg. How many seasons have you finished behind him and why do you keep coming back for more?
--Yes, geltzjg and I have played in fantasy baseball leagues for many years – and bglebeau of the Pittsburgh SSP has been in those same leagues – they were the ones who introduced me to Hardball Dynasty. If you count Hardball Dynasty, clearly Geltz has my record dominated. But outside of HBD, I think the record is fairly close. I come back for more because he is a fierce competitor and challenges me to become better at the games we play against each other.

Have you finished behind geltz more seasons than FW_Kekionga has finished behind mrploppie?
--Nope, but sadly, it's getting close.

If you could have any pitcher and hitter from any team in Cobb World, who would they be and why?
--Hitter: Jose Barrios, I have a mancrush on him after the 27 HR’s he hit in one round of the HR derby at our park.
Pitcher: Eric Collins, it’s all about the mustache

If you could bean any player on geltz's team, who would it be and why?
--Can I say the team’s owner? And for those that have read the World Chat, do I really need to explain why? ;>

Is it true that you are afraid to get close to a stripper?
--Yes, not only for the obvious reasons you would think of, us being in Durham, but I was scarred for life after I discovered how those nuns in Fargo get down after dark.

Is it true that strippers in Durham are known to be lying cheats?
--Yes, other than DA’s office, they are the biggest lying cheats in Durham by far.

Which player on the Pitbulls is uglier than a Durham stripper?
--Midre Santiago. Only thing uglier than his mug was his performance at the plate in Season 7.

Midre Santiago
Age: 32B/T: R/R
Born: Escatepec, MX
Position(s): CF/CIF/2B/OF/DH
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Does Wiki Vazquez have a nickname, and if so is it "The Porcelain Mouse?"
--Yes, you guessed it. He’s so fragile, he gets knocked out by Glass Joe every time in the first round playing Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. Every day is an adventure, the only player(s) more likely to get injured in the league are star players on the Fug Nuts playing against us.

How do you afford health insurance for Wiki?
--He's uninsurable, luckily, we bought a share of the Duke University Hospital to offset our losses.

Who has the best theme music on your team?
--Orlando Espinoza has his own mariachi band accompany him to the plate each at bat! He bought that with the ridiculously bad contract I gave him my first year with the team. (ed. note - 4 years, 12.8 million dollars)

Who will win a world series first, the Durham Pitbulls or the Chicago Cubs?
--Cubs – as much as it pains me to say, my Durham Pitbulls aren’t going to win a World Series by October 2008.

Who will win the world series in Cobb World this season?
--Fargo Fug Nuts – after shamefully losing to a 67 win team in the playoffs in the REGULARS league, the playoff gods owe him one.

How do you feel having fellow owners call you "log"?
--From mrploppie, it’s an adoring compliment, from anyone else it’s an insult and completely out of line.

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Fargo Fug Nuts – after shamefully losing to a 67 win team in the playoffs in the REGULARS league, the playoff gods owe him one.

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