Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Owner Q&A - Lightman

Tito McQueen - Cobb Times Herald

Today we sit down with Wichita Wankers owner Lightman. Long a power in the NL East, Lightman takes the time to break down the competition in today's owner interview.

Does your franchise name imply that all residents of Wichita are Wankers? Or just the baseball team?
--Absolutely not. In fact, I am deeply offended that you would imply such an implication. Our team name definitively asserts that all residents of the entire state of Kansas are Wankers.

Is it possible to have celebrity fans in Kansas, and if so, who is the Wankers most famous celebrity fan?
--That's easy. Rob Riggle of the Daily Show.

Where do you think Davey Silva ranks all time among Cobb Hall of Fame pitchers?
--In my opinion, he's in the argument for the top slot. He doesn't give you quite the number of innings of Dean or King Ong, but he may be more effective in slightly less innings. Through his first 9 seasons, he's averaged about 19 wins and 229 IP with a 0.99 WHIP and 2.43 ERA.

If Davey Silva demanded a max contract, plus 10% of the franchise, plus a little dog named Toto, plus a herd of little people with lollipops, and some ruby slippers, would you give it to him?
--I think I'd have to, given how little I've had to pay him so far.

You are the only owner other than squidvicious to make the world series twice and lose. How does that make you feel?

What is the best promotion that the Wichita Wankers run each year?
--Pull Davey Silva With a No-Hitter in the Ninth Inning Night. Not only do the fans get to watch one of the great pitchers in Cobb dominate the other team. They also get to watch one of our middle relievers induce a game-ending groundout in a five-pitch appearance to finish off a 7-0 win.

Which player on your team has the best theme music, and what is it?
--Lawrence Shave. 93 'Til Infinity by the Souls of Mischief.

Who is the most underrated player you have ever had on your Wankers teams?
--Could be any of my top hitters, since our park is such a pitchers park. Grant Keats, Vasco Chantres, Dorian Woolf all come to mind.

Which baseball team do you follow in real life?
--Chicago White Sox. I grew up outside Chicago and that was the team I followed. I do also enjoy laughing at Cubs fans.

Who do you think is the best character from Arrested Development?
--Wow. That's like asking me what is the worst episode of Glee. How do you choose? I think I'd have to go with Buster. He always cracked me up. Of course, I'd probably give you a different answer tomorrow.

What is the best trade you have ever made in Cobb?
--Getting Davey Silva. I don't remember what I gave up, but I'm pretty sure I won that trade.

And what is the worst?
--Nothing jumps out at me as a terrible trade. I know there are several trades that I didn't pull the trigger on that I probably should have. I guess my worst one was dealing away Elvis Kennedy for Victor Sanchez, who never panned out for me.

Is there any particular move you made as a GM that you are incredibly proud of? (trade, draft pick, free agent signing, etc...)
--No, not really. Just felt that I built a very competitive team from scratch. I tend to focus more on those moves that didn't work out as I would have liked, so I'm probably a bit of a pessimist in that way.

Best movie concerning vigilante justice - Punisher (Dolph Lundgren version), Judge Dredd, Commando, Kick Ass, Kill Bill, or other (you name it)?
--Kill Bill. Love that flick.

So are all lawyers crooks, or just the good ones?
--All of them. Including my wife.

Which player in Cobb other than Ong, Hernandez, or Barrios, have you desperately craved to have on your team?
--Kirk White. I love the thought of rolling out Silva for six innings, then handing the ball to White to finish it off.

Is there any problem in HBD that can't be solved with a spreadsheet?
--Definitely not. The same goes for problems in life.

Davey Silva
Age: 32B/T: R/R
Born: Jarabacoa, DO
Position(s): P (SP1)
View Hardball Dynasty Profile

Who are the top 5 Wankers of all time? And who is the franchises "Mr. Wanker?"
--1. Davey Silva; 2. Grant Keats; 3. Carlton Nelson; 4. Dorian Woolf; 5. Tony Cho. Grant Keats is definitely Mr. Wanker. He was really my first stud who helped lead our rise after our rebuilding effort. I hated to let him go, but I had too many good players ready to break into the bigs when he hit free agency. (If I had to do it again, I'd re-sign him, though.)

In the decidedly nasty NL East, who is your biggest rival?
--No one team is more of a rival than another. This division has been so tough for so long, it's just a matter of not finishing last.

How has your life become easier since mrploppie landed in the NL East?
--Well, in the short-term, he's made the division a little easier while he embarks on a rebuilding effort. In the long-term, I know I never need to worry too much if he acquires a great player, because they'll probably be gone by the next time we go head-to-head.
You are giving out Christmas gifts to your fellow NL East owners, what do each of them get (other than a lump of coal)?
--alogman1 gets a torn labrum for Dean Hernandez. rbf_4 gets a one-way plane ticket to Wichita for Tony Cho. And mrploppie gets a nice wristwatch. (Look at his record. That's punishment enough.)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Owner Q & A - yanks21

Tito McQueen - Cobb Times Herald

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing legendary Cobb owner yanks21, a five time World Champion in Cobb with his Omaha Sluggers franchise.  His teams are great, but can he interview?  Read on and find out!

Having won 5 World Series titles in Cobb, and 14 overall in HBD, do you ever wake up in the morning wondering how you got to be so dominant?
--Every morning I wake up look in the morning and view greatness. In all seriousness, I've figured out a pretty good system and been pretty lucky. Thats always a good combination for success.

Does HBD dominance translate into money, fast cars, and nice houses?
--Oh yeah, I've got a butler and maid for my 1 bedroom high rise in Arlington, VA. Pimped out my Honda CRV, and make it rain at all the strip clubs. Now if you only asked me about loose women.

Other than Jose Barrios, who is your favorite player in the history of the Omaha Sluggers?
--It has to be Kaz Ong. Without him leading the staff the sluggers never see that run of success.

How many statues outside of Rosenblatt Stadium is Barrios going to get after his retirement, and will they be as big as George Steinbrenners?
--Not sure as to the #, but it will definitely exceed Steinbrenners, just not the one I am working on erecting of myself shortly.

So in real life, are you a Mets fan?

What was the best trade you have ever made in Cobb?

--Has to be for either Barrios or Ong. Probably a tie between those two. There is no way the sluggers win 5 series in 7 seasons without those two.

What was the worst trade you have ever made in Cobb?
--Probably dealing Pat Barber, a hall famer, for a A.J. Buck.

Which musical artist would you most like to pursue the nuclear option on, and which band would play your theme music?
--I know nothing of a nuclear option, but O.A.R. is the Sluggers band.

Should Sean Hill be in the Hall of Fame?
--It would be hard to justify that he is a hall of famer. I would have a hard time voting in any pitcher especially a reliever with a career WHIP of 1.43 and ERA over 4.

Cops or Cheaters - which television show would you like to appear on most and why?
--Cops, sounds safer.

Star Wars - Awesome or overrated?
--First three were awesome, last three were pretty weak.

Which players (pitcher and position) on another team in Cobb do you covet the most?
--Always wanted Dean Hernandez and came close to landing him when he was up for trade. But now, it would have to be Howard Hall of Montgomery. Always prefer pitching.

After ten straight seasons of untouchable awesomeness, how did it feel to be looking at another team on top of the NL West?
--A little weird but I knew it was coming, hard to stay on top long with the budget restrictions and drafting low in the first round year after year.

How is the rebuild going, are we looking at a near return of the Omaha dynasty?
--It's going to take a little while, have some nice young position players in Brutus Myers, Eddie Bird and the now injured Vic Sosa, but short on starting pitching beyond Albie Lopez. I'll need to land a couple of internationals hopefully.

Which young player on your team do you hope retires in a Slugger uniform, if any?

--Not particularly attached to any youngster on my team right now. Just want to ensure that Barrios retires in a slugger uniform.

Jose Barrios
Age: 39B/T: L/L
Born: Darillo, NI
Position(s): LF/1B/RF/DH
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Do you think there will ever be another player in Cobb that will come close to challenging Barrios' numerous records?
--Hard to see someone matching 800 hrs, 3000 hits, 2000 RBIs, 2000 runs.

Money not being an issue, what car would you like to drive to work every day?
--Never been a car guy, but I've always like BMW's. Preferrably something in the 5 or 7 series.

Who is your favorite MLB player of all time?
--Paul O'neill. Always been a huge fan of how he played the game.

How nice is the press buffet at Rosenblatt Stadium? Do you provide Omaha Steak Co. products?
--Oh yeah, they have their own restaurant in the stadium, How do you think the Yankees got the idea for NYY Steak?

What is your favorite viral video? If you have one please provide a link!
--How do you think I discovered Justin Bieber?

Who would you consider to be your biggest rival in Cobb World, or are you simply without equal?
--Not sure I have a rival, but I thoroughly enjoyed beating pieo in 3 world series.

Thanks again to yanks21 for taking the time to answer the Cobb Times Herald's questions!