Saturday, October 22, 2011

You Thieving Bastards!

Kiko B. Real - Cobb Times Herald

Steals, swipes, SB's, whatever you want to call them there are few players in Cobb world history who have been able to steal a base with regularity.  To date, there are only 5 members of the 800 club, all elite base stealing artists who have used the fine art of theft to record their place in history.  In honor of Charlie Erving's eventual move into the top spot this season, today we are profiling the five top base swipers in Cobb history.

5. Marc Reagan - 800 Stolen Bases

Marc Reagan
Age: 37B/T: L/L
Born: Middle Island, NY
Position(s): CF/CIF/2B/OF/DH
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Bugs Moran
When asked which famous thief he most identified himself with, Reagan chose the notorious 1920's gangster Bugs Moran.  "Of course Bugs Moran is my thieving idol," he said, "for crying out loud, Bugs was the inventor of the drive-by, I mean, can you think of any more allegorical term for base swiping?   He was the inspiration behind my trademarked machine gun spray celebration every time I stole a base.  And it is a testament to my tommy gun and base stealing abilities that I never ran out of bullets." 

Reagan spent the bulk of his career with the Jackson Pollocks, and stole a career best 87 bases in season 10.  He was never an all star at the ML level, but was a notorious clubhouse prankster, and a great teammate by all accounts.  "I remember the time he put itching powder all over Woody Oleruds bed (a notorious neat freak at the time) and told him that it was probably bedbugs.  That was a riot!," reminisced former Pollocks SP Tori Person.

4. Alfredo Cruz - 801 Stolen Bases

Alfredo Cruz
Age: 35B/T: L/L
Born: Mineral, VA
Position(s): LF/DH
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Al Capone
Cruz had a very quick answer when describing his favorite thief of all time.  "Al Capone, because he gunned down Bugs Moran," Cruz explained, "You see, I never liked Marc Reagan, especially that stupid tommy gun business.  There is no place for that on the baseball field.  I vowed I wouldn't retire until I was insurmountable in my stolen base total, and once I reached my goal of 801 steals, I did it.  Now he will always be looking up at me in the rankings." 

The mercurial Cruz, who spent only 7 seasons in the major leagues, is also the single season base stealing leader, posting 211 stolen bases in season 8, a number that will likely never be topped.  "He was kind of a jerk, but man could he run," remembered SP Ralph Hill of his days in Scranton with Cruz.  "I think he was kind of offended by players like Marc Reagan showing off and thinking they were all that, when he was busy doubling their stolen base totals."  Cruz ultimately tired of playing baseball after being played at 1B for several seasons and then being demoted to the minors for "not posting a high enough OPS" by what he called the "idiot Bill James Moneyball Bastards" in the front office of the Philadelphia franchise at the time.

3. Al Rosario - 842 Stolen Bases (Active)

Al Rosario
Age: 34B/T: L/L
Born: Millers Creek, NC
Position(s): RF/1B/LF/DH
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Robin Hood
Rosario likes to compare himself to Robin Hood when it comes to thieves.  "I really like him because not only did he steal for good and all that stuff, but he was more than just a thief.  He was a ladies man with Maid Marian, could shoot a mean longbow, and used to be a knight under King Richard.  I would like to think of myself as a baseball version of that, I can do many things on the field, not just steal bases."

Indeed, Rosario is more than just a base stealing threat, having popped nearly 300 HR's in his career, is a 4 time all star, World Series Champion, and former Silver Slugger RF. His top basestealing year though came in Iowa City during season 14 when he pilfered 93 bases for the Corn Dogs.  He is still plying his trade for the Pawtucket G-Maniacs, and while his speed has slowed down, (only 50 SB's last season) he is still a very productive bat and veteran presence in the G's lineup. 

2. Charlie Erving - 881 Stolen Bases (Active)

Charlie Erving
San Francisco
Age: 33B/T: R/R
Born: Hatch, NM
Position(s): 2B/CIF/OF/DH
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Kaiser Söze
Erving is primed and ready to take over the top spot in Cobb all time stolen bases, needing only 7 more to reach that lofty height.  He compares himself to Kaiser Söze, saying, "You never know I have stolen a base until you look over to 1st and see that I am already gone."  Indeed, Erving is the best base stealer to date in Cobb, and still has several years of good baseball left in him.  "It is my goal to steal 1000 bases, and become the first player in Cobb history to reach that mark," Erving also remarked.

His Earthquake teammates describe Erving as a humble and quiet fellow, but fiercely driven.  "I came up through the system with him at the same time, and if it weren't for the fact that you could see him you would never know he is standing there," said teammate Andres Tatis of Erving, "He's a pretty complex fellow though, he watches foreign films and stuff like that, and even reads the Guardian.  I mean, what other baseball player do you know that reads a British newspaper?"  The multiple all star and silver slugger might not let you know it, but he certainly respects the milestone he is about the reach, and the man who currently owns it.

1. Emmanuel Castillo - 888 Stolen Bases

Emmanuel Castillo
Age: 37B/T: R/R
Born: Bani, DO
Position(s): LF/1B/DH
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Pancho Villa
When it comes to base stealing threats, there has been nobody in Cobb like Hall of Famer Emmanuel Castillo.  One of the greatest leadoff men to play the game, Castillo compared himself to Pancho Villa, the Mexican revolutionary general.  "I would like to think of myself as a great man, such as Villa, a hero to his people, who fought for what was right, and was a noble thief.  I stole the bases for the good of my team, but would do whatever it took to win, that was my role, just as Villa," said Castillo. 

Indeed, Castillo may soon be surpassed by Erving at the top of the list, but it will take some doing for Erving to surpass Castillo as a leadoff man and historical threat.  In addition to his stolen bases (4 seasons with 100 or more), Castillo scored 1,639 runs, was a 4 time all star, and a World Champion.  "Emmanuel was a class act," said former Corn Cleat teammate Ben Harris, "and as good a player to play the game as there was.  Having him and Marino Sierra at the top of the order was something to see, it was like watching two cheetahs flying around out there on the bases!" 

When asked about Eving breaking his record, Castillo was contemplative, "It will be hard to lose my place at the top, but time passes and the game changes, and it was bound to happen eventually.  Really though I am just glad it wasn't Marc Reagan, that tommy gun business was bush league, and Erving is a class act."

Monday, October 10, 2011

Season 21 World Series Preview

Lars the Greek - Special to Cobb Times Herald

Lars the Greek is back from his hiking trip into Afghanistan and subsequent 4 year imprisonment in Iran to offer you the Season 21 World Series preview.  This year we have the slightly above average NL East champ Wichita Wankers versus the AL West champ Tacoma Jerry Gang in a battle of fighting 4 seed wildcard warriors.  Both teams have ridden some stellar playoff play to the title round, and one lucky owner will end their long suffering playoff drought, as between these two there have been four previous World Series appearances with no hardware to show for it.  So who will lose the least and luck into their title?  Read on and find out!

Wichita Wankers
--The Wankers certainly didn't expect to be in this position, as they announced a rebuilding effort at the start of the season, and traded star Dorian Woolf at the trading deadline for prospects.  Yet some potent weapons still remain on the team, first and foremost SP Davey Silva.  Once again the future HOFer has been unhittable in the playoffs, and has been able to help dominate a short series to get Wichita to the final round.  If he can get support from just one other pitcher it is possible he could win three games all by himself.  In the lineup there certainly has been an unexpected hero in George Sears, who has been on fire in the playoffs, supporting Carlton Nelson and Vic Flores admirably.  But it has really been a group effort for the Wankers, with nobody outside of Silva and Sears truly distinguishing themselves. 

Tacoma Jerry Gang
--The Jerry Gang have proven their mettle in this playoff year, defeating the always tough Cleveland Steamers and the up and coming KC Seether on the way to the finals.  Juan Javier has been a house of fire for the lineup, with 6 HR's and 17 RBI's, and is clearly the driving force for run production for the offense.  The pitching has been led by a balanced rotation featuring no pitcher with more then 2 wins.  But Al Gomez certainly could have had some more with better run support, has he has posted a 1.00 ERA and a .81 WHIP in 27 IP in the playoffs, but with only 2 wins to show for it.  He has been unhittable and could be the foil to Silva. 

Lars Key to the Series
--On paper Tacoma has the better lineup, and Lars thinks that will show over time.  But Wichita has Davey Silva, whose numbers speak for themselves.  A lot will be asked of the Wichita ace if he is to earn his first World Series ring.  All it takes is one loss and suddenly Tacoma will be in the drivers seat regarding pitching matchups.  Silva has to be perfect, and if he is Wichita will win.  If not, the Wankers will be looking on as Tacoma denies them their championship for the fourth time. 

Lars Crystal Ball
--Lars wants to say that the Tacoma Jerry Gang will win, as their team is clearly more talented top to bottom.  But something about the Wankers this season is shining a bright beacon through his crystal ball.  The Wankers cannot be denied, and this is the year they will finally win, proving yet again in Cobb that a wild card team can be deadly in the playoffs.  Wankers in 6.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Commish vs ex-Commish: HOF Smackdown II

It would be reasonable to ask – why do we need yet another catcher in the Hall of Fame? However, while Eddie Helms is a guy who may not have the flashy home run totals of Jones and Stanton, he was clearly a dominant force in his day, at his position and he has a World Series ring to show for it. On top of that, his career average of .320 is far and away better than Jones .280 and Stanton’s .267. Helms’ OPS of .937 is clearly superior to Jones’ and Stanton’s .906 and .862, respectively. Oh, and there’s this little thing called defense, fairly important for a catcher apparently. Helms has a superior CERA to either Stanton or Jones and threw out a higher percentage of baserunners than Stanton. It’s no coincidence that at the “helm” of the Anaheim Sharks, Eddie led the charge to playoff appearances in 10 of 13 seasons, but the Sharks have only done better than 3rd in their division once since his departure in S16. For serious students of the game, this really shouldn’t be a question.

Eddie Helms
Age: 39B/T: R/R
Born: Sonora, TX
Position(s): C/DH
View Hardball Dynasty Profile

Eddie Helms isn't a name that most people in Cobb are familiar with, and there is a good reason why. It's because he wasn't one of the best catchers to ever play the game, merely one of the good ones. If Patrick Stanton and Vernon Jones saw that Helms was elected to join their number in the Hall, I am pretty sure they would have to send a beatdown committee to visit the voters who put him there. Simply look at the awards, 6 AS appearances to Jones and Stantons 8; 3 Silver Sluggers to Jones and Stantons 4, less runs, hits, RBI, and HR's in similar games played. Quite simply, Helms just doesn't measure up to Jones and Stanton, who are the gauge by which all catchers in Cobb should be measured when being considered for the Hall of Fame.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Commish v. ex-Commish: HOF Smackdown

Part I of a two part series to inform and educate around a couple potential HOF candidates. Feel free to comment for either case! (Especially mine!)

First on the block: Marino Sierra

Marino Sierra
Age: 39B/T: L/L
Born: Puerto Piritu, VE
Position(s): LF/1B/DH
View Hardball Dynasty Profile

FW - For all you young Turks out there who may not have been around the league during the good old days of seasons 1 through 10, you might not be familiar with Marino Sierra, who along with Fred McConnell was perhaps the most feared leadoff man in the early days of Cobb. At the time of his retirement he had nearly 2500 hits, hit for high average and got on base at an impressive clip, scored over 1,600 runs, was the all time leader in doubles at 578, hit nearly 300 HR's, and had over 500 SB's. When you take into consideration that he did this playing over half of his games in the pitchers parks in Omaha and Sioux Falls, those numbers have more meaning. Furthermore, his 529 stolen bases are even more impressive because before season 8, the SIM engine hideously lowered the amount of stolen bases by players in HBD. If Sierra had played in modern times, he would have been a 80+ base swiper every season. He may have never won an MVP, but when you are in your prime and play the same position in the same league as the legendary Jose Barrios, MVP's just aren't going to go your way. Despite this, Sierra still managed 6 AS appearances and 2 Silver Slugger LF's at the same time Barrios was manning that position! Don't hold it against Sierra that he was in his prime when the SIM engine and Jose Barrios were trying to keep him down, he's one of the all time greats of the early days of Cobb and deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Furthermore, and on a serious note, there isn't a single leadoff man in the Cobb Hall of Fame currently, and that is a trend that needs to change. Just because a player hasn't hit 500 home runs doesn't mean he doesn't deserve a spot. Players like Sierra and McConnell have earned their place.

dwool - Oh, Nate. You lovable hayseed. Sure Sierra was good, but this is the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of Very Good. At the end of the day we need to ask ourselves, was this player elite? A champion? In his era, was he a dominant force at his position? And here my friend, we have to acknowledge a couple key points, first NO RINGS. As good as he was, he didn’t pick his team up, put them on his broad, manly shoulders and carry them to the promised land. Second, there are a couple gentlemen by the names of Jose Cervantes and Hades Booker who also patrolled the outfield in the early days of Cobb, who are patiently waiting for the call – and both are flashing World Series rings and similar or better OPS. Once those guys are in, let me know and I’ll give Sierra another look.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rounding Second and Heading for Third

The last installment of beat reporter wihargo's FA analysis centers on potentially available second and third basemen. When bidding, always remember, fortune favors the bold!

Brad Mann is surrounded by questions this offseason: will his glove force a move off of 2B? will he be the next player to receive the max deal? The answer in both cases depends on how much teams value his elite bat.

Angel Vazquez still has good plate discipline and might have one more useful season in him. Lynn Curtis is a dependable defender at 3B and effective against LHP.

Mark Bigbie, still looking to recover his power stroke, might decide to go out on top and retire after winning the World Series.

Brad Mann 0.403 5.69
Angel Vazquez 0.340 2.89
Frank Hartgraves 0.336 2.64
Lynn Curtis 0.344 2.53
John McGowan 0.330 2.36
Jack Carpenter 0.328 2.25
Joel Valentin 0.317 1.71
Garret Wells 0.280 1.47
Giomar Julio 0.314 1.41
Mark Bigbie 0.293 1.37
Wilfredo Henriquez 0.311 0.96

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Flashing the Leather

No, we're not talking about another night of debauchery for FW_Kekionga at the local cowboy watering hole. No, we are talking about those defensive wizards who will quietly win games - usually by making the difficult look routine. According to our beat reporter:

The best of this group is very good; the rest is medicore but useful. Charles Reese has won 3 CF silver sluggers and is a perennial 20/20 man. Lorenzo, who also blends power and speed, has been an All Star at short and has hit for the cycle twice. Bonilla is probably the best SS available in free agency, and is also a 5 time All Star.

Alberto Gutierrez is a rangy fielder while D'Angelo Romero is the prototypical sure handed vet. Both might have to transition to a platoon or bench role this season.

Charles Reese 0.385 5.32
Erubiel Bonilla 0.360 4.21
Fernando Lorenzo 0.337 3.32
Willie Gandarilla 0.317 1.66
Alberto Gutierrez 0.302 1.62
Luther McNamara 0.291 1.56
D'Angelo Romero 0.301 1.55
Odalis Ramirez 0.292 1.18
Pedro Sojo 0.274 1.08
Raymond Sanford 0.324 1.07
Edwin Ward 0.278 1.01

Get 'em before your rival does or you'll regret down the home stretch.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Catch Me If You Can!

So you say you want to enhance your staff? (don't worry Kid - not naming names!) No better way than to add one of these capable receivers to your franchise. Get settled into your crouch and check out the dish on these potential FA's!

Several top catchers are available this off season. Serafini and Scalici are both above average bats who have won silver sluggers. Lowry and Mairena are good choices for teams that need an offensive minded back-up catcher. Juan James had a .336 wOBA against LHP last year.

Reggie Serafini .346 4.16
Ron Scalici .352 3.47
JP Wilfredo .330 3.21
Rich Perez .348 3.12
Sammy Hunt .321 3.08
James Lowry .379 2.85
Juan James .309 2.21
Al Lee .312 2.09
Louie Mairena .343 1.81
Vince Ferguson .300 0.880

Monday, July 18, 2011

Not Quite Franchise Cornerstones

A quick look at potential FA corner outfielders reveals that no more than a quick look is necessary.

Randy Rose and Yamid Mairena both have three consecutive 20 HR seaons and lead a relatively weak crop of free agent corner OFs. Darrin Barkley may have lost a step but his contact, bunting and baserunning skills could make him useful to the right team.

Player wOBA WAR
Randy Rose 0.348 3.16
Darrin Barkley 0.350 2.81
Yamid Mairena 0.339 2.50
Luis Nunez 0.351 1.94
Babe Williams 0.328 1.72
Tanner Carillo 0.325 1.72
Carlton Nelson 0.326 1.67
Jose Gandarillas 0.323 1.52

All of this implies that Mr. Rose might be in for a substantial "over"-payday. If you need a big hitter here, you might need be better off hitting the phones. In fact, mrploppie assures me he has (or can acquire) several high quality COF's for a very reasonable price.

Friday, July 15, 2011

FA Pitchers, a buyer's market

Depending on how things shake out during the window of time teams have to negotiate with their free agents, season 21 could be a real buyers market. Here are the free agent leaders in FIP with stamina greater than 50:

Long Relievers/Swing Men:

Tony Terrero 28.2 2.20 3.02
Matty Palmer 46.0 3.91 3.55
Sam Roberts 79.0 4.22 3.60
Bernie Almonte 54.2 5.10 3.64
Tom Gibson 171.2 4.46 3.88
Derrick Bird 44.0 4.50 4.14
Hector Chavez 76.0 5.33 4.34
Vance Weaver 138.2 4.28 4.36
Kenneth Mann 124.2 3.97 4.50
Humberto Diaz 57.2 3.90 4.52


Jesus Pujols 229.2 3.33 3.39
Zephyr Burns 194 3.71 3.69
Jerry Ross 152 3.32 3.80
Erubiel Owen 215.2 4.38 4.07
Talmadge Young 179 3.72 4.07
Peter Hinske 203 4.03 4.08
Kent Upshaw 125 4.75 4.30
Frank Harper 153.2 4.86 4.32
Parker Ellis 181 3.98 4.36
Roosevelt Fox 185.1 4.81 4.43

All-Time Great:

Kaz Ong 150.2 4.00 4.54

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ex-Commish Admits to Fathering Love Child with Ploppie’s Sister

In one of the most shocking and prurient revelations in Cobb history, Times Herald reporters have confirmed that for the past nine seasons, FW_Kekionga and ploppie’s sister have been engaged in a passionate, lustful and at times . . . tender relationship culminating in the birth of a son, who was rumored to be playing baseball in the Dominican Republic.

When asked if this discovery triggered his abrupt departure, FW chokingly admitted that was the case. “It all started shortly after clinching the division championship in S11. For years, it had been nothing but frustration, but to finally reach the top like that . . . well, let’s just say something finally burst from inside and ploppie’s sister was there for me. Then there was Tanker-Gate, when I just needed someone to talk to after a hard day on the chat boards. I tell ya, those were dark days indeed, and I couldn’t have gotten through them without her.”

FW seemed as adept at leading a double life as he was crafting draft reviews for this publication . . . until he learned the fateful news. “When she first told me, I was in a state of shock. I just couldn’t believe this house of cards I had been building was all about to come crashing down. Then she told me he was a switch-hitter and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I’m not afraid to admit it, I just sat there at my desk and wept tears of joy.”

FW tried to maintain the façade for another season or two, but when he started doing the math and calculated the costs of sending a child to Rice or UNC for four years he realized he would have to give up his $5 per year commissioner job and seek more lucrative work. He had just returned from an interview for a scouting position at Baseball America when he was approached by a Times Herald reporter. “Hey FW, did you hear the one about ploppie’s sister having a kid? There she was, in a bar with a minister, a rabbi and a priest when . . . “ and then FW blurted out “I KNOW, it’s me, it’s me, I admit it, I’m the father, now will you parasites STOP HOUNDING ME?!?!” And once again, the relentless staff at the Times Herald landed the scoop.

When asked to comment, ms. Ploppie simply said . . .”FW who? Oh, you mean the one who sends those checks every month? Oh yeah, he’s a real sweet boy. His first wife, of course, is that stupid baseball game, but at least I don’t have to worry about anyone knocking on my door. Now that new guy in town, jvford? He looks like a hunk, I’m gonna have to break out my Mary Kay a bottle of tequila and go tap that!”

And like a Greek tragedy, the characters go about trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives? Will FW ever be able to re-claim his authority from the tyrant who has seized his desk? Will FW Jr. be drafted by mrploppie only to be neglected when it comes time for a contract offer? Will jvford be properly initiated into World Cobb? These and other questions will soon be answered by your diligent and creative Time Herald reporters.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Owner Q&A - dwoolery

Who is Dwoolery and how did you steal the Commissioner job away from FW_Kekionga?
-I’m the guy who knows where the bodies are buried . . . AND I’ve got a shovel. (Plus I could really use that $5 credit each season, your sister said her rates were going up.)

Nate is a great guy, why kick him to the curb? (ya rat bastid)

-Hey, backoff grandpa! I’m doing the guy a favor. When you read the latest Cobb Herald expose, everything will be revealed, and I mean everything . . . EVERYTHING!!

Are you any relation to the great game show host Chuck Woolery?

-Don’t tell anyone, but I’m the first successful human clone. Well, mostly successful if you disregard the third arm.

What is Chuck Woolery like?

-Just like me, except older, uglier and smarmier.

Can you get me Chuck Woolery's autograph? (I once staked out his house for a couple of days, but he kept his curtains closed)

-That was my house Sherlock.

How long is a restraining order good for?

-Until you find another mark, or the alzheimers sets in for good.

What is a Jerry Gang and why is it in Tacoma?

-It’s a gang of guys who all know how to use Google. Try it sometime.

If you could have one pitcher and hitter from any other team, who would they be?

-I’ve been trying to land that beast Quilvio Suarez for awhile, but owners keep wanting decent players back. That SOB wouldn’t be fazed a bit by Cheney Stadium. And I'd love to get that bastid Dean Hernandez back in Tacoma for one day - so the fans could show their "appreciation" for jerking us around during re-signing negotiations.

If Cobb owners came to a party , who would bring what?
-Seriously?!?! Unless it was a Star Trek convention you’d never get those dudes out of their parents’ basements. Of course, I’m specifically NOT referring to those well-heeled baseball mavens who supported my rise to power.

Which Cobb owners do you respect the most and why. ( BTW it's spelled P L O P P I E )
-Any of those who are able to lose to me with grace and dignity.

If Wile E coyote has enough money to by all that Acme crap why doesn't he buy his dinner?
-Have you ever tried to eat an ACME burrito? The fallout is NOT pretty. By the way is this about over?

Which player in Cobb would you like to be, and why do you want to be a fictional baseball player in the first place? What song would be played when you are introduced?
-Tony Arnold. Chip on his shoulder since Day 1, but shuts his mouth, does his job and proves it on the field. Bon Jovi’s Blaze of Glory.

Why doesn't the fattest man in the world become a hockey goalie?
-People still watch hockey?

Which prospect of yours are you most looking forward to seeing in the bigs?
-Jeremi Arnold. That dude is gonna win GG’s at SS AND have seasons with 45+ HR’s.

You forgot to pay my sister for last Tuesday. Please hand over $7.00.
-Tell her to check her paypal account, and her antibiotics prescription – she’s ready for a refill.

World Series Titles two,( none in Cobb) how did you do it? Those leagues must really suck!
-One did, the other was Moneyball. You have to be in it to really appreciate how competitive it is, but that’ll never happen for an ADD-inflicted tanker like you.

Juan Javier is a nice player, did you use the Jedi Mind Trick to convince MrPloppie to trade him to you? What was your best trade in Cobb?
-It was actually surprising easy, just waited for a spell of Alzheimer’s to drift in and I pounced. But I also gave up a good player in that one. I’d have to say Hollandsworth to Sioux Falls for Brandon Miller. Miller has been a very replaceable career .775 OPS, Hollandsworth will get his 100th Win for TAC this season with a 3.52 career ERA.

What do you honestly think of tankers?
-Sad, pathetic creatures that should stick to MMORPG’s.

If you can fight any famous sports figure... who would it be and why?
-Friggin Chris Chambliss. For the young punks who read this rag, he’s the jackass who torpedoed my Royals’ WS hopes in their first trip to the playoffs in 1976. Not only that, he sent a sad little 7yr old down a dark and depressing path for many years. (sniff)

Why is daubs still playing this game? A great guy......but somewhere down the line shouldn't he win something?
-I’m convinced he is actually uber-crafty and has found a way to spin this hobby into some sort of elaborate tax shelter. Winning a WS would just bring too much attention to his scam.

Which 3 Cobb owners constitute the Axis of Evil?
-Furniss13, jonboynky, brianfurnish, every so often they have the audacity to nip at my heels trying to take my division from me.

Do you have any pictures of Chuck Woolery naked?
-Why? You gonna show me some?

In Regulars you won 51 games last season with the Santa Fe Conquistadors . Why are you still in that league?
-No idea. I would have kicked me out before the end of the season. I can only guess they’re like your sister, none to picky as long as the bill gets paid.

Which Cobb owner (beside yourself)would you like to see win the World Series title and why?
-daubs23 - That poor bastid just keeps coming back for punishment. Plus it would make for a great Disney flick.

Thank You for your bull shit answers to my very informative and probing questions. (speaking of probing - I'm told that the $7.00 was for Tuesday and Wednesday )

The opinions expressed are not those of the medical profession. If you have any queries or concerns or require any further professional advice about any of the information or opinions appearing on the Forum, you should consult your doctor or health care professional.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NL All Star Breakdown

While All Star position players are determined by a vote of the fans, All Star pitchers are selected by the manager of the league champs and the players themselves. Pete Womack was at the helm of the NL and World Series Champ Montgomery Burns but bolted for the AL Tampa Buzz in the off season. As a result, Womack’s only exposure to NL pitching this year was during inter-league play. Not surprisingly, some of this year’s top NL pitching performances have been left off the All Star team.

In fairness, the very best pitchers will be at the All Star Game; Ariel Cervantes (3.8 Wins Above Replacement), Furio Kydd (3.7 WAR), Davey Silva (3.7 WAR) and Jamie Hayashi (3.6 WAR) are all represented. However, the next three most valuable pitchers didn’t make the cut. The trio of Gary Ferguson (3.3 WAR), Nolan Payton (3.1 WAR) and Michael Leonard (3.0 WAR) all have had great first halves but will stay home All Star Weekend in favor of established stars with more name recognition.

Among the fan favorites and big names going to the All Star game are Dean Hernandez (2.0 WAR) and Howard Hughes (2.0 WAR). Hernandez does lead the NL with 13 wins, and Hughes has a solid 10 – 3 record so it’s understandable why they were chosen even though neither count among the top 20 most valuable NL pitchers.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

AL All Star Voters Out at 1B

So far at the All Star ballot box, American League fans have gotten a lot of things right. Jerome Mancuso and Pedro Franco have been the best hitters at their positions and lead in All Star voting. The latest in sabremetric analysis shows that at First Base and Right Field, the other ‘offensive’ positions, the voting results have so far been, well, offensive. At First and in Right, vote leaders Sean Holt and Javier Rios have done well this season posting weighted on base averages (wOBA) and Wins Above Average (WAA*) of and .390 and 1.85 and .380 and 1.44 respectively. The problem is that other hitters have done better, and it’s not really close. Making matters worse, the voters’ second choices of Pablo Rosa and Juan Baez are even farther off the mark.
Pawtuckett 1B Ajax Warley shouldn’t have All Star weekend off. Yet to win any major award, he is the best hitting First baseman the AL, worth about 2.4 WAA with a wOBA of 417. It’s not as though the fans are taking park factors into account either; Tacoma’s Jude Harris has a wOBA of .397 and 2 WAA playing in a very pitcher friendly environment.
In Right Field, Javier Rios trails 4 other Right Fielders on offense. Norfolk’s Fernando Rojas has accounted for 2.48 WAA – a full win more than current vote leader Rios - and has a wOBA of .419, but hasn’t been a factor in the All Star Voting.
No fault of the fans but worst of all, Quilvio Suarez, whose big bat has been worth 3.6 WAA so far this season – the second best in the AL – is squeezed out of the only DH spot by Pedro Franco’s 5.41 WAA monster first half.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Season 19 Draft Recap

Carlton Greely III - Special to Cobb Times Herald from Baseball Nerd Weekly

Welcome to the Cobb World Draft Recap.  Following suggestions from our subscribers, we have contracted out our draft recaps to Baseball Nerd Weekly, who bring their expertise and Specialized Talent Universal Draft Analysis (STUD Analysis) to the Cobb Times Herald.  So without further ado, here is this seasons draft recap, in team and pick order.

STUD Analysis Note: Players are rated on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest. Players are rated relative to their position and how they would perform at the ML level, with a 5 being average.  N/A means the player hasn't signed and therefore has no rating.

Round Pick Fran Player Pos Age STUD Rating
1 5 BUR Jolbert Picasso P 19 8.2
3 115 BUR Mendy Punto SS 19 6.4
4 147 BUR Joe Lanning CF 19 3.8
5 179 BUR Bobby Cosby LF 22 3.6

Team Grade: C+
1 18 CH1 Hank Ankiel C 18 8.4
1 20 CH1 Chuck Foster P 22 6.9
1 58 CH1 Alexander Siebert P 20 6
2 95 CH1 Sam Greenberg P 21 N/A
3 128 CH1 Jason Brooks P 20 3.8
4 160 CH1 Bernie Corbin P 22 4.7
5 192 CH1 Joe Sadler P 19 3

Team Grade: C+
1 24 CHA Sam Bowles P 18 N/A
1 61 CHA Pepe Pena P 18 N/A
1 70 CHA Elmer Haynes 1B 18 7.2
2 99 CHA Dan Sadler CF 19 6.4
3 132 CHA James Riley P 19 4.8
4 164 CHA Willie Diaz P 22 3.8
5 196 CHA Lawrence Martin SS 20 3.3

Team Grade: D+
1 8 CHR Stephen Hubbard 1B 18 9.4
1 11 CHR Josh Porter P 19 6.9
1 29 CHR Duke Terry SS 18 7.5
1 35 CHR Naoto Hong 1B 21 6.8
1 55 CHR Buck Melton P 18 6.8
2 87 CHR B.J. Houston 2B 19 6
3 120 CHR Jerrod Hall RF 18 5.1
4 152 CHR Harry Mendoza CF 18 4.8
5 184 CHR Nicholas Thurston P 19 3.2

Team Grade: A-
1 6 CHY Alex Koh P 18 9.1
1 52 CHY Yusmeiro Jimenez CF 22 7.5
1 67 CHY Sean Stark LF 19 6.8
4 148 CHY Roy Thurman SS 20 5.7
5 180 CHY Joel Kelly P 18 5.4

Team Grade: B
1 19 CLB Kris Dougherty CF 18 8.2
2 94 CLB Al Gomez C 21 N/A
3 127 CLB Robert Powell P 20 2.4
4 159 CLB Huston James P 20 3.6
5 191 CLB Del Sherman P 18 N/A

Team Grade: C 
2 105 CLE Graham Willits P 18 6.1
3 137 CLE Stevie Ingram C 19 4.8
4 169 CLE Daniel Sappelt P 18 4.4
5 201 CLE Yorrick Miller P 22 3.2

Team Grade: D-
1 4 CSP Cody Bryant 2B 18 9.1
2 81 CSP Omar Cornejo LF 19 5.8
3 114 CSP Nicholas Brandt LF 22 N/A
4 146 CSP Bruce Zavada 3B 18 N/A
5 178 CSP Harry Klein P 22 4.1

Team Grade: C+
1 21 DOV Shaggy Summers C 21 8
1 38 DOV Jerome Berger SS 19 7.7
1 59 DOV Tim Laxton P 22 6.4
1 69 DOV Matthew Cannon SS 21 7.1
2 96 DOV Zephyr Bradshaw CF 19 6.1
3 116 DOV Philip Hampton RF 19 5.1
3 129 DOV Wilfredo Bennett P 18 3.4
4 161 DOV Charley Townsend C 19 4
5 193 DOV Craig Smart RF 22 5

Team Grade: B+
1 28 ELP Tomas Berroa P 18 7.3
1 31 ELP Casey Mordecai CF 18 7.9
1 46 ELP Russ Adcock P 18 6.9
1 49 ELP Weldon Howard CF 18 6.8
1 50 ELP Joe Ojeda P 18 7.8
1 65 ELP Brook Banks P 18 6.4
1 72 ELP Brian Roth P 18 6.2
1 75 ELP Pedro Calvo P 18 6.1
2 103 ELP Sal Meares 3B 18 5.2
2 109 ELP Miguel Carrasquel SS 18 6.6
3 141 ELP Steve Hinske 3B 18 5.4
4 173 ELP Clyde Randall P 18 N/A
5 205 ELP Ernie Burns P 18 N/A

Team Grade: B 
1 42 FLA Gabe Titan CF 21 7.4
1 64 FLA Rico Seanez P 22 7.2
1 71 FLA Britt Murray P 18 1.2
1 74 FLA Jermaine Berry P 19 4
2 104 FLA Tex Staley P 19 6
3 136 FLA Eddie Johnson P 22 4
4 168 FLA Nate Quinn P 19 3.8
5 186 FLA Alton Purcey C 22 4.9
5 200 FLA Abraham Metcalfe SS 19 5.2

Team Grade: C
1 1 HOU Gill Cochrane P 18 9.6
2 76 HOU Marcus Booker 2B 18 N/A
3 111 HOU Bernard Cepicky CF 20 N/A
4 143 HOU T.J. Lyons 3B 21 N/A
5 175 HOU Ned Reddick 2B 19 N/A

Team Grade: C+
1 25 IA Luther Silvestri P 18 5.5
1 27 IA Jake Powell LF 18 5.4
1 41 IA Vin Morris P 18 6.6
2 101 IA Dante Joseph C 18 5.8
3 133 IA Trevor Thomas 2B 18 5.7
4 165 IA Paul Tobin SS 18 5.8
5 197 IA Kid D'Amico P 18 4.7

Team Grade: D+
1 9 JAC Nerio Donnelly C 18 7.9
1 54 JAC Charlie Schlehuber P 20 6.9
2 80 JAC Chin-Hui Kuo P 22 5.4
2 85 JAC Nolan Perkins P 18 6.9
3 118 JAC Jerome Reid C 18 4.8
4 150 JAC David Nelson 2B 18 3.7
5 182 JAC Ryan Valentin SS 18 N/A

Team Grade: B-
1 15 KC Ray Plesac RF 22 7.9
2 91 KC Donovan Payton P 22 7.2
3 124 KC Kris Creek SS 19 6.7
4 156 KC Sammy Coleman SS 21 6.4
5 188 KC J.T. Lansing P 18 3.8

Team Grade: B-
1 23 LAA Rico Olmeda RF 18 7.6
1 40 LAA Albert Benavente P 20 7
1 48 LAA Elmer Duffy RF 21 7.6
1 60 LAA Andres Tavarez CF 18 7.2
2 98 LAA Keith Gonzales SS 18 5.8
3 122 LAA Humberto Vazquez C 19 5.3
3 131 LAA Billy Getz SS 21 5.6
4 154 LAA Joe Gwynn P 21 6
4 163 LAA Phillip Cooper 2B 22 4.8
5 195 LAA Juan Alomar SS 19 3.2

Team Grade: B
1 32 MNT Bobby Merritt P 18 6.4
1 33 MNT Brad Burns SS 18 6.8
1 45 MNT Derek Whitaker 2B 18 5.1
2 108 MNT Matty Sosa 3B 18 5.9
3 140 MNT Angel Ozuna SS 18 N/A
4 172 MNT William Rucker C 18 6.7
5 204 MNT Jon Burns 1B 18 N/A

Team Grade: C-
1 63 NY2 Gary Branson LF 18 N/A
4 167 NY2 Kenny Carlson 3B 18 5.2
5 199 NY2 Jerrod Dixon P 18 4

Team Grade: F
1 17 OMA Derek Maranville P 22 7.9
1 57 OMA Wilton Jenner RF 20 6.8
1 68 OMA Eddie Rolls LF 18 6.9
2 93 OMA Pedro Baez 3B 20 5.9
3 126 OMA Derrik Sparks 2B 19 5.1
4 158 OMA Adam White P 19 4.9
5 190 OMA Doug Adams P 22 2.6

Team Grade: C+
1 13 PAW Joey Stewart P 18 8.1
2 100 PAW Einar Maduro P 21 N/A

Team Grade: C
1 3 PIT York Coleman P 22 8.1
3 113 PIT Gail Young P 18 6
4 145 PIT Julian Galvez P 22 4.4
5 177 PIT Johan Lintz P 18 3.8

Team Grade: C+
1 7 ROC Arlie Pecina P 21 8.1
1 53 ROC Andrew Stokes P 22 7.6
2 84 ROC Corky Palmer P 20 7
3 117 ROC Esmailyn Ordonez SS 21 N/A
4 149 ROC Denny Cheng P 19 4
5 181 ROC Carlos Vargas C 18 4.1

Team Grade: B-
1 12 SEA Junior Martinez CF 18 8
1 56 SEA Pedro Rijo CF 22 N/A
2 88 SEA Garret Miceli P 20 N/A
3 121 SEA Tris Balboa 1B 21 4.6
4 153 SEA Bret Hogan P 18 N/A
5 185 SEA Brett Ulrich P 20 3.9

Team Grade: C *
1 10 SF Archie Prokopec P 18 6.9
2 86 SF Terrence Yerkes P 18 7.1
3 119 SF Raul Sosa P 20 5.6
4 151 SF Stan Flores P 18 5
5 183 SF George Capps P 18 4.9

Team Grade: C-
1 26 SXF Mendy Jensen 1B 20 7.6
1 62 SXF Giovanni Butler SS 18 7.6
2 102 SXF Ernest Sheets 3B 19 6
3 134 SXF Bernard Hoffpauir CF 18 6.1
4 166 SXF Artie Collier RF 19 5.4
5 198 SXF Glendon Brown P 20 N/A

Team Grade: B-
1 14 SYR Bill Munoz CF 21 8.7
1 36 SYR Felix Perry P 20 6.8
2 83 SYR Hugh Newman 3B 18 7.1
2 90 SYR Bryan Cedeno P 18 7
3 123 SYR Lonny Tracy 2B 22 5.2
4 155 SYR Kouhei Kojima LF 22 5.2
5 187 SYR Diego Canseco C 19 4.8

Team Grade: B+
1 44 TAC Fergie Boone SS 18 N/A
2 107 TAC Bernie James SS 18 6.5
3 139 TAC P.T. Coleman P 18 N/A
4 171 TAC Ichiro Masaoka 2B 18 N/A
5 203 TAC Kenji Ono 3B 18 N/A

Team Grade: D-
1 2 TB Greg Carillo 1B 22 9.5
1 51 TB Dennis Lewis LF 22 8
2 77 TB Carlton Wheeler RF 19 6.8
2 78 TB Curtis Swann 2B 20 6.1
3 112 TB J.P. Torres P 19 N/A
4 144 TB Javy Quintero P 20 N/A
5 176 TB Lou Richardson 3B 18 N/A

Team Grade: A
1 16 TOR Haywood Brown P 20 8.5
1 37 TOR Jimmie Little P 21 6
2 82 TOR Chris Ward P 18 6.2
2 92 TOR Scott Gibbons P 20 4.9
3 125 TOR Matty Benavente P 22 5.3
4 157 TOR Todd Krause SS 19 5
5 189 TOR Blake Rogers P 18 3.1

Team Grade: C+
1 22 TRE Alex Gomez SS 18 7.9
1 39 TRE Gerald May P 19 8.2
2 89 TRE Einar Noesi P 18 N/A
2 97 TRE Benjamin Magee P 18 5.2
3 130 TRE Dale Nichols P 21 6.3
4 162 TRE Steve Counsell 2B 22 5
5 194 TRE Chance Hampton LF 18 5.3

Team Grade: B
1 34 VC Karl Ramirez P 21 7.9
1 47 VC Johnnie Sinclair P 18 6.1
1 66 VC Perry Tipton CF 20 6.9
1 73 VC Clarence Adcock P 19 6.8
2 110 VC Gerrit Nixon P 21 N/A
3 135 VC Jake Sweeney P 21 N/A
3 142 VC Randy Briggs SS 19 6.7
4 174 VC Paul Delmonico SS 21 5.2
5 206 VC Rob Gilmore P 22 4.1

Team Grade: C+
1 30 WIC Trot Tracy P 21 7.1
1 43 WIC Kent Jurrjens C 22 7.1
2 79 WIC Rick Meares P 22 6.5
2 106 WIC Nick Sutton SS 20 5.8
3 138 WIC Hoss St. Clair 2B 19 4.6
4 170 WIC Lewis Spencer P 20 6.1
5 202 WIC Macbeth Upshaw CF 22 5.1

*SIM Draft/AWOL Owner