Monday, July 18, 2011

Not Quite Franchise Cornerstones

A quick look at potential FA corner outfielders reveals that no more than a quick look is necessary.

Randy Rose and Yamid Mairena both have three consecutive 20 HR seaons and lead a relatively weak crop of free agent corner OFs. Darrin Barkley may have lost a step but his contact, bunting and baserunning skills could make him useful to the right team.

Player wOBA WAR
Randy Rose 0.348 3.16
Darrin Barkley 0.350 2.81
Yamid Mairena 0.339 2.50
Luis Nunez 0.351 1.94
Babe Williams 0.328 1.72
Tanner Carillo 0.325 1.72
Carlton Nelson 0.326 1.67
Jose Gandarillas 0.323 1.52

All of this implies that Mr. Rose might be in for a substantial "over"-payday. If you need a big hitter here, you might need be better off hitting the phones. In fact, mrploppie assures me he has (or can acquire) several high quality COF's for a very reasonable price.

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