Monday, October 10, 2011

Season 21 World Series Preview

Lars the Greek - Special to Cobb Times Herald

Lars the Greek is back from his hiking trip into Afghanistan and subsequent 4 year imprisonment in Iran to offer you the Season 21 World Series preview.  This year we have the slightly above average NL East champ Wichita Wankers versus the AL West champ Tacoma Jerry Gang in a battle of fighting 4 seed wildcard warriors.  Both teams have ridden some stellar playoff play to the title round, and one lucky owner will end their long suffering playoff drought, as between these two there have been four previous World Series appearances with no hardware to show for it.  So who will lose the least and luck into their title?  Read on and find out!

Wichita Wankers
--The Wankers certainly didn't expect to be in this position, as they announced a rebuilding effort at the start of the season, and traded star Dorian Woolf at the trading deadline for prospects.  Yet some potent weapons still remain on the team, first and foremost SP Davey Silva.  Once again the future HOFer has been unhittable in the playoffs, and has been able to help dominate a short series to get Wichita to the final round.  If he can get support from just one other pitcher it is possible he could win three games all by himself.  In the lineup there certainly has been an unexpected hero in George Sears, who has been on fire in the playoffs, supporting Carlton Nelson and Vic Flores admirably.  But it has really been a group effort for the Wankers, with nobody outside of Silva and Sears truly distinguishing themselves. 

Tacoma Jerry Gang
--The Jerry Gang have proven their mettle in this playoff year, defeating the always tough Cleveland Steamers and the up and coming KC Seether on the way to the finals.  Juan Javier has been a house of fire for the lineup, with 6 HR's and 17 RBI's, and is clearly the driving force for run production for the offense.  The pitching has been led by a balanced rotation featuring no pitcher with more then 2 wins.  But Al Gomez certainly could have had some more with better run support, has he has posted a 1.00 ERA and a .81 WHIP in 27 IP in the playoffs, but with only 2 wins to show for it.  He has been unhittable and could be the foil to Silva. 

Lars Key to the Series
--On paper Tacoma has the better lineup, and Lars thinks that will show over time.  But Wichita has Davey Silva, whose numbers speak for themselves.  A lot will be asked of the Wichita ace if he is to earn his first World Series ring.  All it takes is one loss and suddenly Tacoma will be in the drivers seat regarding pitching matchups.  Silva has to be perfect, and if he is Wichita will win.  If not, the Wankers will be looking on as Tacoma denies them their championship for the fourth time. 

Lars Crystal Ball
--Lars wants to say that the Tacoma Jerry Gang will win, as their team is clearly more talented top to bottom.  But something about the Wankers this season is shining a bright beacon through his crystal ball.  The Wankers cannot be denied, and this is the year they will finally win, proving yet again in Cobb that a wild card team can be deadly in the playoffs.  Wankers in 6.

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