Thursday, May 15, 2008

Durham Pitbulls - Additional Draft Analysis

Alistair Logman - Cobb Times Herald

DURHAM PITBULLS Season 8 Draft Top 5 (2nd rd and later)

1. Seth Costello, C (rd. 6) – Could be a starter at the ML level, but is currently undecided about playing. Great steal if he signs, but that appears questionable at this point.

2. Julio Arrojo RP (rd. 2) – Great control, good RH split. Good durability and health are a plus. Mediocre LH split and 2nd pitch, plus poor velocity are a concern. Could be a decent ML 8th inning guy.

3. Tom Plant 3B/RF (rd. 4) – Tremendous power, ok RH split, mediocre batting eye. Poor durability is a minus. Probably can’t play full time at ML level, but could be a serviceable ML backup.

4. Bennie Grieve CF/2B (rd.5) – Great glove and range, ok splits, poor contact and power hurt his chances to succeed, but could be a good defensive backup at the ML level.

5. Ricky Hooper DH/1B (rd.9) – Excellent power and batting eye. But can they overcome a poor RH split? Probably not, but he could be a backup vs. LH in the ML or launch 60 HR a season in AAA. Not bad for a 9th rounder.

Honorable Mention: Frank Randolph 3B/RF (3rd round) – possible ML starter with great power and batting eye, and a good RH split, but decided to forego baseball for now and will not sign. The bastid!

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