Thursday, May 8, 2008

Draft Recap - Round 1 - Picks 16-32

Herman Kirby
St. Louis
Age: 20B/T: R/R
Born: Seneca Falls, NY
Position(s): P (ClA)
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17. Herman Kirby, RP - St. Louis HoundDogs
Pros: Good control, splits, velocity, 2 good pitches, high health and durability.
Cons: Good but not dominant vs. right handed hitting, good but not great 2nd pitch.
Grade: A ~ If you were looking for a closer in this draft, Kirby was the best available. Should be solid.

Lou Wills
Mexico City
Diablos Rojos
Age: 18B/T: L/L
Born: Otisville, MI
Position(s): P (SP2)
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18. Lou Wills, SP - Mexico City Diablos Rojos
Pros: Good control, splits, velocity, 4 quality pitches.
Cons: Low durability, bad GB/FB ratio, weak 5th pitch.
Grade: A- ~ Solid SP who should have the skills to overcome his weaknesses, but will only be able to pitch every 6th day.

Herman Knight
Age: 20B/T: L/L
Born: Marietta, GA
Position(s): P (SP2)
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19. Herman Knight, P - Chicago Sabercats
Pros: Great control, splits, velocity, GB/FB, and pitch selection.
Cons: Low stamina and durability.
Grade: B+ ~ Knight would be a slam dunk ace if he had the stamina to make it more than four innings, as is he is suited for the pen.

Gregory Webster
Age: 22B/T: S/L
Born: Virginia Beach, VA
Position(s): P (SP1)
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20. Gregory Webster, SP - Syracuse Beagles
Pros: Good stamina, GB/FB, and pitch selection.
Cons: Average control and splits
Grade: B+ ~ Solid but not spectacular pitcher who projects to be a #3 or #4 starter.

Alex Brantley
Age: 18B/T: R/R
Born: Merrimack, NH
Position(s): SS
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21. Alex Brantley, SS - Vancouver Grizzlies
Pros: Good fielding skills, excellent power and splits.
Cons: Glove not quite good enough for SS, average contact and batting eye.
Grade: A- ~ If Brantely is moved to 3B this is an excellent pick, he is a very good hitter who would do well at the hot corner, but isn't quite good enough to make it at SS in the majors.

22. Cap Perry, SP - New York Titans
Pros: Good stamina and control, his first name is Cap.
Cons: Everything else.
Grade: D- ~ Good control is the only thing keeping this pick from being an F, not a good pick at all by the Titans management, but at least they haven't signed him yet.

Omar DaSilva
Sioux Falls
Corn Cleats
Age: 20B/T: L/L
Born: Boyceville, WI
Position(s): CF
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23. Omar DaSilva, CF - Sioux Falls Corn Cleats
Pros: Good power, splits, batting eye, base running, range, and glove.
Cons: Weak contact hitter, average health.
Grade: A ~ Good value for the pick with a hitter in the Jose Cervantes mold. Five tool player who will be an every day starter.

Norm Gibson
Age: 18B/T: L/L
Born: Hazel Green, AL
Position(s): 1B/DH
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24. Norm Gibson, 1B - Jackson Pollocks
Pros: Excellent hitter in all areas, good health.
Cons: Average durability.
Grade: A ~ Very good hitter who should hit .300 with 30 HR's and 100+ RBI's yearly.

25. Omar Rodriguez, SP - Pittsburgh SSP
Pros: Good splits, stamina, velocity, and pitch selection.
Cons: Poor control.
Grade: C+ ~ Rodriguez would grade much higher if he were able to hit the bullseye a little more often, but control problems really make it hard for a pitcher to succeed.

Ramiro Martinez
Fug Nuts
Age: 20B/T: S/L
Born: Johnstown, CO
Position(s): P (ClA)
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26. Ramiro Martinez, RP - Fargo Fug Nuts
Pros: Good control and first pitch.
Cons: Average splits, and weak 2nd pitch.
Grade: C ~ Shades of Lefty Groom appear when you look at Martinez's projections. Scary thought that this is the best pick by the Fug Nuts.

27. Pascual Gabriel, P - Helena Hellraisers
Ratings Pending - The Cobb Times Herald was unable to scout this player and will post a rating once he is signed.

28. Allie Cooper, P - New York Titans
Ratings Pending - The Cobb Times Herald was unable to scout this player and will post a rating once he is signed.

John McGowan
Age: 18B/T: L/R
Born: McCook, NE
Position(s): 2B
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29. John McGowan, 2B - Pawtucket G-Maniacs
Pros: Above average hitter, above average fielder.
Cons: Durability, base running.
Grade: B+ ~ Solid but not spectacular player who will have a spot on the big league team, but probably won't be an all star.

Morgan Webster
Age: 22B/T: R/R
Born: Cheboygan, MI
Position(s): SS
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30. Morgan Webster, SS - Anaheim Sharks
Pros: Good contact and power, solid in all other areas.
Cons: Only average in most skills.
Grade: B ~ Webster doesn't have the glove to be a SS, and doesn't have the hitting skills to be a starter, but should be a valuable utility man.

Hod Ball
Age: 18B/T: S/R
Born: Toms River, NJ
Position(s): LF/1B/DH
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31. Hod Ball, LF - Omaha Sluggers
Pros: Good contact and batting eye, above average vs. righties, name rhymes with "Odd Ball."
Cons: Weak vs. lefties, average power and durability for corner OF spot.
Grade: A+ for the name, B+ for the skills ~ Ball should find a spot on a big league roster somewhere, he can hit, and his glove isn't too bad for a LF.

32. Jamie Hukata, CF - Louisville Tysons
Pros: Potential gold glove, good splits and batting eye, excellent base runner.
Cons: Average contact and power.
Grade: A+ ~ If Hukata signs, this is the steal of the draft, getting an all star calibur player with the 32nd pick.

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