Thursday, May 28, 2009

Season 12 Draft Recap - AL North

AL North

Bo Bianucci
Age: 19B/T: R/R
Born: El Dorado, KS
Position(s): 2B
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Chicago Sabercats
--With the #10 pick in the draft the Sabercats picked up 2B Bo Bianucci. In addition to having the most righteous Italian last name in the draft, Bianucci sports great plate awareness and sees right handed pitching better than anyone else in the draft. He only makes average contact with mediocre power, but he should be able to post a high OBP. His glove is pretty decent, and with some luck he could play 3b in addition to 2b, making him a nice support player who should hold down a spot in the everyday lineup. 2nd round pick RP Tyreace Perry is a fringe prospect who has the control but not the splits to stick in the bigs, and the rest of the draft is strictly minor league. We would have liked to have seen more of a superstar with the #10 pick, but Bianucci was a good pickup in a very weak hitting draft.
Grade: C+

Desi Mondesi
Age: 18B/T: R/R
Born: Manchester, MI
Position(s): C
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Pawtucket G-Maniacs
--The G's had 5 1st round picks to play with this season, and unfortunately for them they kind of botched it. #24 pick Desi Mondesi was a nice grab, one of the better catchers in a draft that didn't have much, a player with pretty good hitting skills and nice defensive abilities. Where the draft gets dodgy for the Maniacs is at the #32 pick, where Pawtucket selected C Ken Canseco, who has some power but nothing else even remotely resembling major league talent. This projected 56 overall gem is likely to get somebody in the Pawtucket scouting department fired. Supplemental pick 3B Joe Carr is ok, but outside of his projected 100 power there really isn't anything remarkable about his skill set. Supplemental pick RF Larry Singleton has decent hitting projections, and might make the majors as a backup. Supplemental pick P Charley Clark keeps this draft from being a total bust with his tip top control, great splits vs. righties, and and some pretty nice pitches that should make him a regular in the ML bullpen. 2nd round pick P Matt Moss is a fringe player who might make the majors, but fellow 2nd round pick C Tommy Olsen has a big league bat and should be able to platoon at DH as his catching skills are only barely good enough to get it done at the ML level. Not much else is happening in the later picks of the Pawtucket draft. There are some nice players in here, but for having 5 of the first 42 picks, you would think that Pawtucket would have been able to do better.
Grade: C+

Rob Power
Cheese Steaks
Age: 22B/T: L/L
Born: Spokane, WA
Position(s): P (ClA)
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Philadelphia Cheese Steaks
--The Cheese Steaks had one good pick at #8, and the rest of their draft was sucked up by type A/B picks, leaving them with pretty much a one man draft. That man is RP Rob Power, who certainly has the power to pitch every day, with a 40 STA/99DUR combo that is hard to top. But that is where the elite skills stop and the average skills begin, as his control and splits are kind of scary for a closer, making it harder for his two nice pitches to be truly effective. He's ok, but is looking like a 1.50+ WHIP guy, which isn't exactly lock down status. Philly probably could have picked up a better player at the #8 spot in the draft, which negatively impacts their grade.
Grade: C-

Stan Wilkerson
Blue Jays
Age: 21B/T: S/R
Born: Fairbanks, AK
Position(s): SS
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Toronto Blue Jays
--Needing a big hitting prospect in the worst way, the Blue Jays took the best hitter available on their board with the #5 pick, SS Stan Wilkerson. The burly Alaskan SS is probably better suited to 3B defensively, but his bat should be good enough to merit a position at the hot corner, with power, splits, and batting eye all projecting near 80. He can also play every day, which is good for a team without much offensive depth. 2nd round pick LF Adam Munson was also a nice pickup, with huge power and good splits vs. left handed pitching. He suffers a lot vs. righties, but should flourish in a platoon. The rest of the Blue Jays picks either didn't sign or aren't quite good enough for ML duty. Still, this was a successful draft in adding hitting depth when there wasn't much to be had.
Grade: B+

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