Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hall of Fame Preview with Lars the Greek - Pitcher Edition

Lars the Greek - Cobb Times Herald

It's time to look at the pitchers who have made their mark in Cobb World over the years, and unlike the hitters, there is a very select group of pitchers who stand head and shoulders above the rest.  First lets take a look at the HOF criteria and the pitchers that make the automatic nomination cut.

7+ All Star Appearances
  1. Kazuhiro Ong - 10
  2. Sean Hill - 9
  3. Kirk White - 9
  4. Dean Hernandez - 7
  5. Shane Parrish - 7
  6. B.C. Steenstra - 7

3+ Fireman of the Year
  1. Kirk White - 5
  2. Randall Harvey - 4
  3. Sarma Inge - 3
  4. Harold Charles - 3

3+ Cy Young Awards
  1. Dean Hernandez - 6
  2. Kazuhiro Ong - 3
  3. Phillip Brown - 3

300+ wins
--No players meet this criteria 

3000+ Ks
--No players meet this criteria

500+ SVs
  1. Sean Hill - 507

Five other great pitchers retired or nearing retirement.
  1. Vance Weaver - 179 W, 6 AS, 2 Cy Youngs, 1 Gold Glove
  2. Olmedo Contreras - 175 W, 5 AS , 1 Cy Young
  3. David Rosado - 168 W, 5 AS, 1 Cy Young
  4. Albert Franco - 181 W, 4 AS, 1 Cy Young
  5. Josias Morales - 186 W, 3 AS, 2 Gold Gloves
Lars' Top Five Picks for the Hall of Fame
--The list for the Cobb Hall of Fame obviously starts with Kazuhiro Ong and Dean Hernandez, both of whom are without a doubt the two best pitchers to ever come through the league at this point in time.  After that you would have to think that Kirk White and Sean Hill also get the nod, for their very impressive career stats and dominance of the bullpen.  The fifth slot is where it gets tricky, as there are many candidates who are deserving.
  1. Kazuhiro Ong - This spot could have easily gone to Hernandez, but Ong gets the slight nod for having greater career numbers at this point, trailing Hernandez only in Cy Youngs.  It could be debated that Ong would have had more Cy Youngs had he been in Hernandez's place, as the competition in the NL was much stiffer during his run through his peak years.  Still, both are great.
  2. Dean Hernandez - Who wouldn't want an SP who is capable of throwing 300+ innings in nearly 40 starts in a year, while winning 60% of them every season?  Hernandez is in all likelihood going to top Ongs career stats by the time he retires, and could make the 300W/3000K plateau before retirement as well, which would then catapult The Dean to #1 on Lars' list.
  3. Kirk White - In terms of pure dominance in the bullpen, there is no comparison to Kirk White.  Boasting an unbelievable combination of power, control, and an unflappable demeanor, White is the standard in Cobb as far as closers are concerned.  He doesn't have 500 saves yet, but barring injury he will certainly attain that milestone and then some, and even if he doesn't his award pedigree can't be argued with.
  4. Sean Hill - His ratings may not show it, but Hill has been the most consistently successful relief pitcher in the history of Cobb World, getting it done since season 1 and still going today.  His longevity is unmatched at the position, and his 9 All Star appearances prove that he has been an elite player for nearly all of his career.  That's Hall of Fame worthy in any argument.
  5. Phillip Brown - This spot could have easily gone to Vance Weaver, but Brown gets the nod with 3 Cy Youngs to Weavers two, and better career averages.  Brown was the elite standard for pitchers in the early years of Cobb, and had he not had part of his prime before the recorded seasons, he could have had the same career numbers as Ong and Hernandez.  Weaver may ultimately surpass him, as he has a few good years left, but at this moment it's Brown who gets the edge.


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