Thursday, January 19, 2012

Steamers move east

CLEVELAND (AP) -- A Cleveland judge has ratified a binding agreement between outgoing Steamers owner Pieo and his former wife Pia in their divorce case.
Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon on Thursday signed off on the settlement reached in November that calls for Pieo to pay his ex-wife $131 million by the end of April.
Pieo and Cobb Baseball agreed late last year that the Steamers and the team's media rights would be sold. The team filed for bankruptcy protection in December after the league rejected a television contract with Fox.
Among those who have expressed interest in buying the Steamers is a group that includes grissom97 who has already made arrangements to move the franchise to the east coast. Says new owner Grissom97, "This team and this city both need a fresh start, and that isn't going to happen as long as we remain in this community"
The franchise was welcomed at the Hartford airport by a strange man in a trenchcoat with a disturbing smile plastered on his face. The unidentified fan simply muttered a single phrase over and over again . . . "i can't believe he's finally gone . . . I can't believe he's finally gone . . ."

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