Sunday, September 28, 2014

Season 32 Wrap Up - It's a Three-Peat for Atlanta!

Atlanta Smackdown (NL)
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Atlanta takes it all once again in Season 32!

Atlanta has done it again, completing the three-peat by winning an intense battle in the World Series against Tacoma.  After years of futility in Wichita, a move to Atlanta has paid off big time for lightman, as they have now won three straight titles.  Oh yeah, I think the stellar roster has something to do with it too!  After sweeping Rochester in the Divisional Series and San Francisco in the NLCS, Atlanta faced a tough challenge in a revamped up-and-coming Tacoma squad.  It took 7 games, but they were able to claim the crown.  A 2.55 team ERA in the playoffs was a key to the win in the ATL, along with respectable offensive numbers to boot.  Congrats to lightman on an impressive accomplishment!

Now let's see who took home the major individual awards this season.

American League  - Cody Bryant, Santa Fe - .334 AVG 36 HR 115 RBI
Cody Bryant took home his first MVP award, posting outstanding numbers for Santa Fe in Season 32.  In addition to the numbers listed above, his outstanding 1.102 OPS should be mentioned as well, one of the best in the modern Cobb era.  He also made the All-Star team and won a Silver Slugger award this season.  Even though he plays in hitter-friendly Santa Fe, it's hard to argue against Bryant taking home the hardware with such an impressive season.

National League - Tony Koh, Omaha -.327 AVG 61 HR 129 RBI
After many seasons of racking up All-Star appearances and Silver Slugger awards, Koh finally takes home his first MVP trophy in Season 32.  His numbers for Season 32 were out of this world.  Coincidentally, he also put up an 1.102 OPS in a park where it's much more difficult to hit.  He also won the Home Run derby, made the All-Star team, and took home another Silver Slugger.  It's difficult to come up with enough superlatives to describe Koh's season, the MVP was certainly well deserved.

American League - Alex Calderone, Santa Fe - 20-4 3.22 ERA 117 K
Well, winning a Cy Young award in Santa Fe is certainly impressive and that's exactly what Alex Calderone did.  Avoiding the dangers of pitching in Santa Fe, Calderone was a reliable starter who accumulated 20 wins and kept his ERA at 3.22 in leading Santa Fe to the best record in the AL.  Calderone also made the All-Star team this season.  He had never won any awards or made the All-Star team prior to this season.  Pretty impressive feat by the 33 year-old hurler indeed.

National League - Midre Diaz, Rochester - 20-2 1.17 ERA 166 K
No, that's not a typo, Midre Diaz finished with a new Cobb record low 1.17 ERA.  Diaz capped off his record breaking season with his 2nd Cy Young Award, he also won in Season 26.  Diaz was nearly unhittable this season and its hard to imagine the Cy Young award going to anyone else.  Diaz also made the All-Star team.  All of the accolades are well deserved in what was a season for the ages. 

That concludes our Season 32 Wrap Up, see you back for Season 33!

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