Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Season 36 Wrap Up - Cleveland hoists the trophy!

Cleveland wins the Season 36 World Series!

In a tightly contested Season 36 World Series, it was Cleveland that emerged as the Season 36 champion, edging out Atlanta, which had won 4 of the previous 6 titles.  A 4-run top of the third in Game 7 was too much for Atlanta to overcome, as Cleveland took the decisive game 5-3.  Cleveland made quick work of Montreal, Detroit and defending champion Tacoma in the AL playoffs before engaging in a tough World Series battle.   It was a truly impressive run for the AL East Champs, entering the playoffs as the #4 seed.  The bats were rolling, as they cranked 37 Home Runs in 19 games and posted an .836 team OPS in the playoffs, while the pitching maintained a steady 3.77 ERA.  Congrats to douglasdao on his first Cobb Championship, and 4th overall!

Now, let's take a look at this season's individual award winners!

American League - Sam Decker, Montreal - .368 AVG 38 HR 116 RBI
In an extremely close race it's Montreal's Sam Decker taking home the AL MVP trophy.  Decker certainly had an impressive season, having the best batting average in the Majors by 53 points, and leading the Majors in OBP and OPS.  It might have been a tight race because Decker is a DH, but still it's hard to argue with those numbers.  He also made his 3rd All-Star team this season and won his 2nd Silver Slugger award.  This is his first MVP win.

National League -  Vic Guillen, San Francisco - .292 AVG 60 HR 154 RBI
The NL MVP race wasn't as close as the AL race, and looking at winner Vic Guillen's numbers it's not hard to see why.  He had 12 more home runs than any other player this season, and also led the Majors in RBI and Slugging.  Despite some outstanding previous seasons, this being his 5th consecutive with 47+ HR and 123+ RBI, this is his first MVP win.  He also made the All-Star team, won a Silver Slugger and even won the Home Run Derby this season, solidifying his status as one of, if not the, elite power bat in Cobb.

American League - Wilmer Duran, Tacoma - 27-3 2.72 ERA 140 K
The only multiple-time major award winner this season, Duran took home his second consecutive Cy Young Award with an outstanding record and a very good ERA.  It's a somewhat controversial pick, as his role as a tandem starter allows him to vulture wins, leading to inflated totals.  He is one of the most talented relievers in Cobb, that is not in doubt.  He also made the All-Star team this season.

National League - C.C. Gryboski, Jacksonville - 21-4 2.65 ERA 213 K
Gryboski is a more conventional Cy Young award winner, putting together an extremely impressive season, topping both the 20 win mark and the 200 strikeout mark.  He also made his 2nd All-Star team this season.  The 28 year-old appears to have several more seasons ahead as one of Cobb's best pitchers, as it's hard to pinpoint any weaknesses in his makeup.  We tried to reach team owner colewharton for comment, but he could not be located.

That's it for this season's wrap up, see you back for Season 37 after a hopefully quick rollover!

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