Thursday, August 28, 2008

Season 9 Draft Recap - Seattle through Tacoma

James Cole
Age: 22B/T: R/R
Born: N. Bethesda, MD
Position(s): 2B/IF/OF/DH
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Seattle Seacows
--With the #4 pick in the draft the Seacows selected future all-star SS James Cole. The complete package in the field and at the plate Cole has megastar written all over him in permanent marker. Supplemental pick(37) SP Dennis Adcock would also be a star if he didn't have nightmarish control (projects to 30), which is a shame because everything else about him is top notch. Supplemental pick (44) Matt Conigliaro is a slap hitting LF with a good eye, but average splits. 2nd round pick C Todd Hemphill is a very good hitting and fielding catcher who is better than either supplemental round pick. 3rd through 5th round pitchers Donovan Maxwell, Ricardo Ortiz, and Alex Pickett all have big league potential as well. This was a pretty good and deep draft for the Seacows, despite the flaws of Adcock and Conigliaro.
Grade: A-

Lyle Crudale
Sioux Falls
Corn Cleats
Age: 22B/T: L/L
Born: Fruita, CO
Position(s): LF
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Sioux Falls Corn Cleats
--With the #14 pick the Cleats took LF Lyle Crudale, one of the most complete hitters in the draft. His fielding skills are only just good enough to get him into the LF position, but his bat should more than outproduce any errors he might commit. 2nd round pick 1B Raul Javier is an average 1B who might make the bigs, but is more of a AAAA player. The 3rd through 5th round picks for Sioux Falls are also AAAA players who will probably spend most of their career in the minors.
Grade: B-

Goose Benes
St. Louis
Age: 20B/T: S/R
Born: Stouffville, ON
Position(s): 2B/CIF/OF/DH
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St. Louis HoundDogs
--The HoundDogs took CF Goose Benes with the #27 pick in the draft. He is an all around contact hitter, has decent speed and an outstanding glove for 2B. He looks a lot like Rabbit Lara, but with a higher ceiling. Other than having one of the ugliest mugs in the draft, there really isn't anything exciting about 2nd round pick LF Kris Prince. The rest of the draft features minor leaguers and fringe players.
Grade: C+

Josh Roundtree
Age: 18B/T: L/L
Born: Wagoner, OK
Position(s): P (SP3)
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Syracuse Beagles
--The Beagles took SP Josh Roundtree at #25 in the draft, a pinpoint control pitcher with 3 good ptiches. Only average vs. right handed hitting, Roundtree is otherwise solid. 2nd round pick 1B Jolbert Guerrero is solid vs. lefties, but otherwise doesn't stand out. The Beagles also scored three very solid defensive shortstops in Benito Rosado, Diego Silva, and Nicholas Vaughn. Otherwise the draft featured minor league support.
Grade: C+

Joaquin Rivera
Jerry Gang
Age: 19B/T: L/L
Born: St. Johns, AZ
Position(s): P (SP4)
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Tacoma Jerry Gang
--Taken at #7 in the draft, Joaquin Rivera is a tricky lefty with excellent control and 3 good pitches. He has above average splits and should thrive in Tacoma's pitchers park with his 3 70+ pitches. 2nd round pick CF Brett Baker might make it to the majors because of his glove, but his bat is only average. 3rd round pick C Peter Cain definitely has a major league future based on the strength of his defense and his skills vs. left handed pitching. 5th round pick C Tom Lambert might make the majors as a DH, but his PC is too low to be an effective catcher. The rest of Tacoma's draft features a few fringe prospects and some minor leaguers.
Grade: B

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