Thursday, November 6, 2008

Decade of Dominance - Mexico City Diablos Rojos

Cortez Mack - Cobb Times Herald

Decade of Dominance - Economic Collapse and Recovery
The Mexico City Diablos Rojos have had one of the most fiscally interesting histories in the league. Back in seasons 4 & 5 owner Bigdaddysalm set records in the leagues for extreme contracts, posting never before seen payrolls in excess of 120 million dollars. Coupled with the inability to sign draft picks, this put the team in a hellish situation. Fortunately new owner wihargo knew what he was doing and was able to redeem the team from the pit of despair it had entered in to with the help of future hall of famer Phillip Brown and some fiscal smarts unseen in the teams history and the current government. Now Mexico City is poised to be a powerhouse team for many seasons.

#16 - Mexico City Diablos Rojos
Franchise Power Ranking: 36
Best Year: 94-68, s8 - Worst Year: 58-104, s5
Postseason Achievements: 4 Division Championships
Best Player: Lewis Allen - Allen has put up over 300 HR's and 1,300 hits in is career with Mexico City.
Best Pitcher: Phillip Brown - Brown won two of his three Cy Youngs with Mexico City, and was the dominant pitcher in the league during that time.
Best International Prospect:
Pascual Amaro
Best Draft Pick: Eric Collins
Franchise Theme Song: Sympathy for the Devil by the Rolling Stones - Classic song about the man in red for the Red Devils.
Franchise Highlights: Franchise won division titles in seasons 1, 6, 7, & 8. Philip Brown won the Cy Young with the team in seasons 4 & 5. Franchise drafted one of the best pitchers and mustaches in league history in Eric Collins in season 6. Franchise also drafted future stars Wilfredo Henriquez, Jerry Ross, Darryl Young, Eric Collins, and Geoff Washington.
Franchise Lowlights: Franchise won only 58 games in season 5 despite having a 120 million dollar plus payroll and a Cy Young winning Phillip Brown. Franchise issued perhaps the most obscene contract in league history with the signing of Brown to a 5 year 120 million dollar deal. Franchise also signed numerous other overpaid contracts that took years to clear from the franchises books.
Franchise Outlook: The future is very bright in Mexico City, and the reason is the young pitching staff that includes future Cy Young Eric Collins, Geoff Washington, the other Eric Collins, and many other talented young hurlers. With a solid lineup that includes the devilishly talented Hades Booker (was there ever a better matched name with a team?) and Domingo Montana, the Diablos Rojos can compete with anybody, and are more financially fit that current division powerhouse Nashville.