Friday, November 28, 2008

Decade of Dominance - Vancouver Grizzlies

Chuck Biscuits - Cobb Times Herald

Decade of Dominance - From the smokhaus to the Dog House
--Originally the Las Vegas High Rollers, managed by smokhaus, the Vancouver Grizzlies are a team with a proud history in Cobb World. They were the AL representative in the first World Series in Cobb history, losing to an absolutely stacked Huntington team. From there the High Rollers put together several competetive campaigns that fell short of division titles before again winning the AL West in season 5. From then on Anaheim and Helena took control of the division while Las Vegas declined. Under the new management of shobob, the now Vancouver Grizzlies have started a slow but steady retooling of the franchise to bring in young talent and prepare for the day when they can again cash in their chips for a playoff appearance.

#13 - Vancouver Grizzlies
Franchise Power Ranking: 44
Best Year: 96-66, s5 - Worst Year: 80-82, s6
Postseason Achievements: 2 Division Championships, 1 DCS victory, 1 LCS victory.
Best Player: Patrick Stanton - Having only been with the team since season 6, Stanton was an immediate impact at the plate with his powerful bat and behind it with his superb catching skills.
Best Pitcher: B.C. Steenstra - With the team from seasons 3 through 6, the Meen Steen was at the top of his game, one of the best pitchers in the league, not just the team.
Best International Prospect:
Richard Nakajima
Best Draft Pick: Tommy Wakeland
Franchise Theme Song: Sin City by AC/DC - An homage to the teams glory days in Las Vegas.
Franchise Highlights: Franchise won the ALCS in season one before falling to Huntington in the inaugural Cobb World Series. Franchise won the AL west in season 5 as well with a team record 96 wins. Donne Harding won the AL ROY in season 6 despite having exceded ROY qualifications, in what came to be known as "Rookiegate." Franchise signed superstud international SS Richard Nakajima in season 10. Franchise has had only one losing season in it's history, a respectable 80-82 season 6.
Franchise Lowlights: Franchise has steadily declined from it's world series beginnings, edging closer to .500 each season. Franchise has an average history in prospect development, both internationally and in the draft, with a few notable exceptions. Franchise traded slugger Yorrick Strong, who was in his prime, to division rival Anaheim for chumps Barry Womack and Edgar Cubillan.
Franchise Outlook: Things are getting better for the Grizzlies, and they should start to see an increase in win totals as their young players make the majors, and their drafting and international signings improve. The signing of Richard Nakajima in season 10 is a statement that there is a new player in the international market, and the Grizzlies drafts have been better the last few seasons. Anaheim and Helena can't stay on top forever, and as those two teams age Vancouvers prospects grow brighter.

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