Thursday, September 17, 2009

Free Agent Market: Catchers

The fastest way to improve a team is through free agency. Perhaps the best blog covering real life free agents is mlbtraderumors. We at the Cobb Times Herald will be providing you with similar analysis of the candidates at each position in Cobb, starting with catchers.

For those teams intent on upgrading at catcher, especially clubs looking for a capable back-up, there are a few good veteran options available.

OBP leaders: Tito Hyres leads the way with a very respectable .381 in part time action. Wascar Prieto (.365 in 135 ab), Archie Johnson (.364 in 54 games - team option for season 14), Vernon Jones (.360) and Lee Riccardi (.353 in 233 ab) round out the top 5.

SLG leaders: Tito Hyres (.510), Archie Johnson (.491), Wascar Prieto (.474), Vernon Jones (.466) and Kevin Rose (.425 in only 252 ab). Rose will be looking to re-establish himself after a down year.

Defense: Walter Moroth was the season 12 AL Gold Glove winner. Archie Johnson and Robert Zoltan are both respectable behind the plate while Vernon Jones and Tito Hyres are athletic defenders that might go well with a veteran pitching staff. JD Lewis and Kevin Rose are both regarded around the league as calling a good game.

The youngest cathcers in the free agent pool are Tito Hyres (30) and Willie Bennett (31 - team option).

Two to watch: JD Lewis may have earned himself a job in the majors next year with his play late in the year for Louisville (.293/ .370/ .585), while a so-far quiet playoffs could jeapordize Walter Moroth's chances of cashing in (no hits in 3 starts).

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