Thursday, September 17, 2009

Free Agent Market: Right Fielders

A very thin market could become much more interesting if a couple of large options are declined.

OBP leaders: Ryan Foster (.372) and Hades Booker (.370 - player option) are the best at getting on base.

SLG leaders: Hades Booker (.530) and Brett O'Keefe (.510).

Defense: Dennis Ashby is a superior defender and won the Season 12 Gold Glove, while O'Keefe has a satisfactory arm for the position. Alan Podsednick is more of a utility man, but can cover a lot of ground in the corner outfield.

At 30, Brett O'Keefe is the youngest of this small crop of free agents.

Two to watch: Will Hades Booker decline his 14,000,000 season 14 salary for a chance at one last big contract? If Dennis Ashby has a strong playoff for Pawtucket, will they exercise his option? Teams needing outfield help will be watching closely.

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