Friday, October 2, 2009

Free Agent Market: The Hot Corner

Third basemen must blend quickness with power to have successful major league careers. Some player have managed to combine great defense and the ability to reach base to become assets to their teams. This year's crop of free agent third basemen includes not only the players profiled below, but also players already profiled at SS and the OF who might be better suited for this position. With the glut of 3B types on the market, teams looking for a free agent bargain are in luck.

OBP leaders: Tom Pettite's .371 allows him to profile as a potential leadoff man for some teams. Curtis Chase (.349), Tito Sisco (.344), Ken Daniels (.342), Derrick Crosby (.342) and Domingo Montana (.341) are the other OBP leaders.

SLG leaders: Derrick Crosby and his 30 HR lead this group (.528). Domingo Montana (.506) managed his 9th 100 RBI season behind 27 HR and 31 doubles. Sammy Maduro (.475) Tom Pettite (.441), Ken Daniels (.418) and Curtis Chase (.417) are the rest of the top sluggers.

Defense: Tom Pettite had the best range factor in this group. Domingo Montana has a great glove and throwing accuracy for a 3B. Curtis Chase and Tony Sisco are probably the best all-around defenders. Derrick Crosby may profile as a top defensive RF.

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