Saturday, October 3, 2009

Free Agent Market: Second Base

This year's group of free agent second basemen is fairly limited. However, the free agent market still presents opportunities for clubs willing to be creative.

OBP: Benji Molina (.372) is the premier second baseman available. Rabbit Lara (.370) and Diego Villa (.365 in 90 PA) are capable veterans at the plate. Tony Saenz (.336) is only a season removed from posting an excellent .375.

SLG: Villa is the hardest hitter in the group (.471) although he may be better cast as a pinch hitter and utility player at this stage of his career. Benji Molina (.463) and Rabbit Lara (.418) are the other top sluggers.

Defense: Benji Molina is a two time gold glove winner at the position, and is still capable of top quality play. Tony Saenz is at least major league average. Buddy Hennessey has superior skills around the bag and is making a comeback attempt after missing a season due to outrageous contract demands. Willis Roth, another comeback candidate but listed as a CF, has very good range at 2B.

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