Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hot Prospects - AL North Report

Chuck Biscuits - Cobb Times Herald

The AL North features some farm systems with one or two standout players, but not much depth beyond that for the most part.  But the one or two impact players in the minors for these teams are sure to be perennial all stars once they hit the bigs, so check them out!

Chicago Sabercats
Blue Ribbon - SS Doc Mabry
Red Ribbon
Yellow Ribbon - SP Mariano Calderon
White Ribbon - C Steve Jennings, 2B Reid Andrews, 2B Drew Bergen, SS Tom Phillips, CF Edgar Romero, CF Chance Klassen, SP Milt Ward, RP Ivan Darnell
Overall Farm System Grade:C-

Pawtucket G-Maniacs
Blue Ribbon - None
Red Ribbon - 2B Connie Strange, SS Pedro Rosado
Yellow Ribbon - DH George Ingram, RF Larry Singleton, SP Felipe Cruz
White Ribbon - 2B Anthony Remlinger, 3B Joe Carr, SS Kevin Jordan, SP Hulk Boone, SP Fernando Marquez
Overall Farm System Grade:C+

Seattle Pilots
Blue Ribbon - RF D'Angelo James
Red Ribbon - 2B Bert Howell
Yellow Ribbon - 1B Alvin Hardy, 2B Cliff Burnett
White Ribbon - C Stump Janish, 2B Miguel Rosado, CF Randy Rogers, RF Ed Cooper
Overall Farm System Grade: B

Toronto Blue Jays
Blue Ribbon - None
Red Ribbon - SS Ugueth Pelaez, RP Willis Theriot
Yellow Ribbon - C Tony Henriquez, RP Pete Wallace
White Ribbon - 2B Bobby Tresh, LF Benny Nunez, SP Chris Charles, RP Donaldo Fernandez
Overall Farm System Grade: C+

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