Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hot Prospects - AL East Report

Chuck Biscuits - Cobb Times Herald
The AL East has some powerful ML teams, but does it have powerful farm systems?  There are a few, and if the minors are any indication the tide might be turning at the ML level in 3-4 seasons.

Cleveland Steamers
Blue Ribbon - None
Red Ribbon - 1B Rigo Martin
Yellow Ribbon - None
White Ribbon - C Guillermo Ordonez, 2B Del Pena, C/DH D'Angelo Flores, CF Juan Espinosa, RP Cesar Miranda, RP Brett Gray, SP Oscar Chang
Overall Farm System Grade: C

Dover DingosBlue Ribbon
Red Ribbon - RP Erubiel Cordero
Yellow Ribbon - C Luis Tatis
White Ribbon - 2B Chuck Thomas, SS Howard Spivey, SS Jae Martin, DH Tommy Olson, RF Mariano Flores, SP J.R. McClain, SP Howie Mays
Overall Farm System Grade:C-

New York Expos
Blue Ribbon - None
Red Ribbon - C Tony Cervelli, 2B Virgil Snelling, 2B Darwin Sanders, LF Frank Zaun, RF Enrique Almanzar, SP Charley Knapp
Yellow Ribbon - CF Felipe Cedeno, RF Matt Malloy, SP Yorrick Rowan
White Ribbon - CF Brad Giambi, RF John Woo, SP Lyle Wolf, SP Lou Barker, RP John Lo, SP Denny Tomlin
Overall Farm System Grade:  A-

Syracuse Sympathizers
Blue Ribbon - SS Luke Colangelo
Red Ribbon - C Steven Nielsen
Yellow Ribbon - SP Gabby Hudson
White Ribbon - C Johnny Worrell, 2B Carl Barfield, SS Luis Wilfredo, SS Yunel Montanez, LF Matty Hall, RF Jorge Lopez, RP Bobby Mecir
Overall Farm System Grade:C+

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