Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hot Prospects - AL South Report

Chuck Biscuits - Cobb Times Herald

The AL South features two very deep minor league systems, and two that aren't.  As you would guess, the depth of the farm system is inversely proportional to the success of the major league squad. 

Florida Almendares
Blue Ribbon - None
Red Ribbon - None
Yellow Ribbon - RF Julio Baez
White Ribbon - 1B Vic Melian, 2B Patrick McGowan, 3B Jose Flores, SS Ivan Ohman, C/DH Mark Lee, RP Omar Ibarra
Overall Farm System Grade: D

Kansas City Tweakers

Blue Ribbon - 1B Don Ross, SP Juan Romano
Red Ribbon - SP Doug Dreifort,
Yellow Ribbon - SP Wiki Ordaz, SP Russell Hood
White Ribbon -2B Milt Romero, 2B Jerry Walters, SS Chris Paquette
Overall Farm System Grade: B

Nashville Rebel Riders
Blue Ribbon - SP Alex Dodson
Red Ribbon - None
Yellow Ribbon -None
White Ribbon -SS Eric Dreifort, RF Ernie Brow, RP Ricardo Pinzon
Overall Farm System Grade: C-

Santa Fe Greyhounds

Blue Ribbon - SP Bennie Duvall
Red Ribbon - SP Wade Stowers,SP Albert Kimbrell
Yellow Ribbon -C Vic Santana, 1B Seth Feldman, DH Curt Allen, RP Javier Sierra
White Ribbon -C/DH Tom Lambert, C Tris Flair, SS Edwin Potvin, SS Bernie Javier, SS Edwin Ward, LF John Torrealba, CF Fred Benoit, RP Herbert Christian, RP Ricardo Espinosa, RP Jake Guerrero,
RP Sammy Blasco
Overall Farm System Grade: A-

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