Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hot Prospects - NL South Report

Chuck Biscuits - Cobb Times Herald

While the NL East was a talent wasteland in the minors, the NL South is practically the fertile crescent.  There are some major talents making their way through the system that will someday wreak massive havoc upon the major leagues.  Who are they?  Read on and find out.

Charlotte Thunder
Blue Ribbon - SP Harry Mendoza,
Red Ribbon - RP Augie Badilla
Yellow Ribbon - RP Dom Lowell, RP Gabe Kirby
White Ribbon - C Hector Mercado, 2B Jack Holt, 2B Jose Reyes, SS Jim Wyatt, SP Allie Kingman
Overall Farm System Grade: B

Jackson Pollacks
Blue Ribbon - SP Vin Lunar
Red Ribbon - None
Yellow Ribbon - C Torey Corino, LF Randy Brown, SP Darrell Gibbs
White Ribbon - C Sam Lee, 2B Jimmy Ellis, 3B Cesar Sanchez, SS Orlando Julio, SS Roberto Santos, CF Chet Patrick
Overall Farm System Grade: B

Montgomery Burns

Blue Ribbon -SS Oswaldo Prieto, SP Howard Hall, SP Sherman Rodgers,
Red Ribbon - C Terry Bannister, RP John Miller
Yellow Ribbon -RP R.J. Vizquel
White Ribbon -C Michael Campbell, 2B Tony Dellaero, SS Joe Lincoln,
Overall Farm System Grade: A

Richmond Cohibas
Blue Ribbon - SS Julio Espinosa, SS Mandy Reagan
Red Ribbon - None
Yellow Ribbon - 2B Stone Cronin, SP Luther Hoffman
White Ribbon - 2B Sean Breen, RP Garland McMillan
Overall Farm System Grade: B

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