Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hot Prospects - NL West Report

Chuck Biscuits - Cobb Times Herald

Today we head out to the wild west, where there are some nice looking players on the farm, and the minors are generally well stocked with players.

Iowa City Corn Dogs
Blue Ribbon - SP Alfredo Jacquez
Red Ribbon - SP Josh Biddle, RP Dicky Bong
Yellow Ribbon - SP Andre Penny
White Ribbon - 2B Felipe Zorilla, SS Kent Milton, RF Brian Ball, SP Tomas Mijares
Overall Farm System Grade: B+

Los Angeles Leopards
Blue Ribbon - SS Jose Martinez, SS Samuel Baker, RF Napoleon Graves
Red Ribbon - None
Yellow Ribbon - None
White Ribbon - SP Willie James
Overall Farm System Grade: C

Omaha Sluggers
Blue Ribbon - SS Brutus Meyers, LF Vic Sosa
Red Ribbon - SS James Quinn
Yellow Ribbon - 1B Carl Snell, RP Teddy Bigbie
White Ribbon - C Nate Harper, C Erubiel Posada, 2B Wilt Daily, SP Delino Marichal, RP Art Ryan, RP Lloyd Hill
Overall Farm System Grade: B+

San Francisco Earthquakes
Blue Ribbon - None
Red Ribbon - None
Yellow Ribbon - C Hideo Miyakazi, SS Ricardo Flores, SP Nolan Payton
White Ribbon - SS Stevie Anderson, LF Eric Sutton, RF Kane Flores, SP Harry Atacio, RP Dick Singleton, RP Yovani Arias
Overall Farm System Grade:C+

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