Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hot Prospects - AL West Report

Chuck Biscuits - Cobb Times Herald

The AL West is home to some very well stocked farm systems, and well cared for too.  The Times Herald gives some big props to what is probably the most well balanced division in terms of their minor leagues. 

Anaheim Sharks
Blue Ribbon - None
Red Ribbon - RF Morris Coomer, SP Torey McFarland
Yellow Ribbon - 2B Kevin Vickers, SP Derrin Washburn
White Ribbon - 2B Orval Edmonds, 2B Bubba Pisciotta, RF Darryl Spehr, SP Ryan Post, SP Manny Hollingsworth, SP Frank McMasters
Overall Farm System Grade: B

St. Louis Tweakers
Blue Ribbon - CF Al Ramos, SP Kirk Barnes
Red Ribbon - 2B Pablo Rosa
Yellow Ribbon - RP Yeico Oliva,
White Ribbon - 1B Eliezer Hernandez, SS Steve Harris, CF Wiki Molina, RF Stubby Grabowski, SP Craig Webster, RP Peter Zheng
Overall Farm System Grade: B+

Vancouver Grizzlies
Blue Ribbon - None
Red Ribbon - 2B Lonny Ramirez, SS Edwin Kaye, LF Braden Nitkowski,
Yellow Ribbon - 2B Joey Parkers,
White Ribbon - 1B Rafael Beltran, SS Ryan Hall, LF Junior Chang, CF Mac Price
Overall Farm System Grade: B

Tacoma Jerry Gang
Blue Ribbon - SS Gorkys Carrara, SP Al Gomez
Red Ribbon - CF Stuart Fischer,
Yellow Ribbon - 3B Aramis Estrada, RP Brant Ford
White Ribbon - C Brian Hasagawa, SS Gail Spahn, CF Albert Bravo, SP Matthew Padgett, RP Nigel Rivers, RP Chris Withers
Overall Farm System Grade: B+

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