Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hot Prospects - NL North Report

Chuck Biscuits - Cobb Times Herald

In this upcoming series the Times Herald will be taking a trip out to the farm, to look for the prize goats and blue ribbon hogs that are growing in every franchises minor leagues.  The 4H Fair/Danish Ribbon system will be the criteria used to judge a prospect, blue ribbon for the absolute best, red for very good, yellow for good, and white for acceptable quality.  Due to time constraints some reports may only contain blue and red ribbon prospects.  The first farm systems to be examined are those of the NL North, home to some down home Midwest cooking and East coast class.  But it must be said that not all of these farms are Bob Evans quality, some are more akin to Po' Folks.   

Burlington Champs
Blue Ribbon - None
Red Ribbon - C Bernie Martin
Yellow Ribbon - SS Willie Latham, 2B Merv Curtis, RP J.P. Tatis,
White Ribbon - SP Dingo Douglas, SP Gene Burnett, SP Jose Estrada, 1B Raul Park
Overall Farm System Grade: C

New York Pick Pockets
Blue Ribbon - None
Red Ribbon - None
Yellow Ribbon - None
White Ribbon - SP Don Sherman, RP Bo Henderson, SP Al Bonine, RP Alfredo Castro
Overall Farm System Grade: D-

Sioux Falls Corn Cleats
Blue Ribbon -SP Davey Koch
Red Ribbon - 2B Virgil Snelling, LF Frank Zaun,
Yellow Ribbon - RP Isaac Rose, CF Ralph Starr
White Ribbon - 1B Carlos Gonzalez
Overall Farm System Grade: B

Trenton Lions
Blue Ribbon - 1B Juan Cordero, SS Eduardo Ayala, RP Vic Lopez
Red Ribbon - SS Philip Thomas, RP Cody Brantley
Yellow Ribbon - C Mitch Shafer, 1B Jerome Newsome, RP Oswaldo Wilfredo, SP Bip Lake
White Ribbon - 1B Wade Wilhelm, 2B Milt Slaughter, 2B Felipe Martin, SP Billy Campbell, RP Pedro Baez, SP Javier Estrada
Overall Farm System Grade: A

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