Thursday, February 19, 2009

DOWN ON THE FARM -- Charlotte Dogs

The Charlotte Dogs are a team that is still trying to find their way. They have a handful of nice young prospects in their system.


Abraham Traynor
Age: 25B/T: R/R
Born: Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Position(s): RF/1B/LF/DH
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Abraham is a very solid player. He has played 1 full season, and a fraction of another. He shows decent power, and excellent contact , and flawless batting eye for the ball. He puts up numbers like a John Kruk would, except with a slightly lower average.

Pedro Rivera 1b/dh -- AAA
--Pedro has good power and a very good batting eye. This alone should net him 25 homers, 100 runs scored, 110 rbi's and around 40 doubles a season. He is a player that could remind you of Kent Hrbek type number guy. He is a switch hitter, and still only 21. Patience will be the key with him.
Grade : SELECT

Eric Holdridge
Age: 19B/T: R/R
Born: Poland, ME
Position(s): P (SP1)
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Eric is the best pitching prospect in the organization. He is a workhorse, and has control to go with it. He has decent R/L splits,and 5 pitches ranging from 40-90 on the ratings scale. He has composed a 17-3 record in 2 short seasons, averaging a strikeout per inning to go along with that. He is a pitcher that could easily win 13-17 games a year. He should eat alot of innings to save the bullpen as well.
Grade : Prime

Rod Ross -- AAA

Rod Ross is a name that you will love to say all the time. With 4 pitches, 2 in the 40's and 2 in the 70's he should have a career like a Jamie Moyer type pitcher. He should post 10-15 wins a year, and close to 10 losses as well. His ERA will probably be a little over 4 for his ML career.He also will be a workhorse with great control.

Grade: Select

Milton Cedeno -- High A
I know everyone is scratching their heads over this one, but he will be a nice sleeper for Charlotte. Milton will be a nice closer, with great control, not to mention 2 pitches over 90. That alone will earn him a job. He has decent L/R splits. I think he will get by, and be a closer like a Tug Mc Graw. He will save 25-30 games easily, and have an ERA hovering 3.00 in the ML.

Grade: Standard (with "Select" potential)


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