Saturday, February 28, 2009

Down on the Farm - Chicago Sabercats

Dirk Yates - Cobb Times Herald

Chicago Sabercats

The Sabercat philosophy has always been to draft young pitchers. Considering how poor the franchise has been, maybe they should rethink the strategy. That being said, there are at least a few good prospects that should help the ML squad:


Jesus Henriquez, SS, AAA: Henriquez is the SS of the future in Chicago and the only hitting prospect worth mentioning in Chicago. He has a great glove and good splits for hitting, but his batting eye could use some improvement. That being said, he should produce both power and speed numbers for years to come.
Grade: Choice

Placido Tarasco
Age: 23B/T: L/L
Born: Morganfield, KY
Position(s): P (SP2)
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Placido Tarasco, SP, AAA: will be the anchor of the Sabercats staff for years to come. Already a no-hitter under his belt AAA, the future looks bright for him. Great stamina and great control should be a good recipe for him to become a future All-Star.
Grade: Prime

Clark Jensen, SP, AA: should be a solid addition to any rotation. Good stamina, control, and splits should help him become a fixture in the Sabercat rotation soon. Should be a solid ML starter.
Grade: Prime

Angel Alfonseca, SP, AA: is a young pitcher that seems to have all the tools to be successful in the bigs. Good stamina, control, and splits. If he can somehow keep the ball in the park, he can be a successful ML starter.
Grade: Choice

Albert Suarez, SP, HiA: Most recent first round draft pick Albert Suarez has a lot of skills to be successful. Stamina might be a concern, but his control and splits could make up for it.
Grade: Choice

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