Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weekly records......good and bad


Once again Pawtucket was "King" of the division. The G-Maniacs posted a 15-5 record ,by far the best in their division. Chicago and Toronto were 9-11, and as always Detriot brings up the rear with a 8-12 record.


Scranton was Top Dog this week, posting a 13-6 record. Cleveland and Washington finished 10-10, while Pittsburgh was 9-10.

Nashville was the best in the division with a 12-8 record. Mexico City was next at 9-11, followed by Charlotte and Kansas City at 6-14.


Anaheim was supreme this week, with a 14-6 record. Tacoma and Vancouver followed with a 10-10 record. Helena was close behind at 9-10.

Overall for the week
Best records:
Pawtucket 15-5
Anaheim 14-6
Scranton 13-6
Nashville 12-8

Charlotte 6-14
Kansas City 6-14


The New York Pick Pockets, showed why they are a "quick change" artist. They post a division best 15-5 record. Fargo was next at 13-7, Sioux Falls follows with a 12-8, and finally Trenton brings up the rear with an 8-12 mark.


Atlanta was the best team in the division, league and world last week with an outstanding 17-3 record. Wichita and Syracuse followed with a respectable 13-7 mark, and than St. Louis with a 10-10 record.

Honestly Richmond saved the division with an 11-9 record. Hunnington was 8-12last week. Montgomery finished the week 7-13, and finally Jackson(don't call me Michael) was 5-15. Once again a dismal week for the NL South.

THANK GOD FOR OMAHA!!!!! Again Omaha was the only bright spot this week. Omaha posted a 15-5 record, while the rest were.....Iowa City 6-14, Honolulu 4-16, and Salem 3-17(thank god for that 3 game winning streak)

Overall best records
Atlanta 17-3
N.Y. Pick Pockets 15-5
Omaha 15-5
Fargo, Syracuse, Wichita 13-7

Best Divisions

NL EAST 53-27
NL NORTH 48-32
NL WEST 43-37
NL EAST 42-36
AL NORTH 41-39
NL SOUTH 33-47
AL SOUTH 31-49
AL WEST 28-52(Omaha with 15 of those wins)

Chief Broken Rubber-------- Cobb Times Herald

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