Friday, September 26, 2008

Decade of Dominance - Chicago Sabercats

Chuck Biscuits - Cobb Times Herald

Decade of Dominance - Stuck in Neutral

The Chicago Sabercats are one of the original teams from season 1 in Cobb World, and have had the same owner, daubs23, the entire time. For nine seasons the Sabercats have entertained the citizens of Chicago, but unfotunately none of that entertainment has happened in the postseason. They have never been terrible, but they have never been elite. Chicago has been a stopping point for some elite talent however, even if it doesn't stay very long, especially in the minor league system. Still, with the solid if not spectacular management the Sabercats are a team with a solid core that competes hard every game.

#23 - Chicago Sabercats
Franchise Power Ranking: 25.5
Best Year: 92-70, s4 - Worst Year: 73-89, s6 & 9
Postseason Achievements: None
Best Player: Kip Zeile - In addition to his public addiction to fast cars, and his suspected addiction to steroids, the surly slugger has terrorized opposing pitchers to the tune of 426 HR's, 1,189 RBI's, and a career OPS of .987, making him one of Cobb Worlds all time great sluggers.
Best Pitcher: Greg Raines - Raines pitched six strong seasons in Chicago, including a 19 win season 4, and is the franchise leader in wins with 63.
Best International Prospect:
Frank Martin
Best Draft Pick: Santos Diaz
Franchise Theme Song: The Importance of Being Idle by Oasis - The Sabercats have shown remarkable consistency through their 9 seasons of average performance.
Franchise Highlights: One of the few remaining original teams from season 1. Won a franchise high 92 wins in season 4. Kip Zeile has been an MVP candidate numerous times, and finished second to Vernon Jones in a legendary Home Run Derby swing off in season 6. Franchise has drafted numerous talented pitchers including Santos Diaz, Herman Knight, and Placido Tarrasco.
Franchise Lowlights: Franchise is the only original team to have not made the playoffs. Franchise has traded numerous talented pitchers including Santos Diaz, Josias Morales, and Herman Knight. Made one of the great trade blunders in league history with the deal of 2 time AL MVP Kory Arnold for Quinn Hancock and Carl Lloyd.
Franchise Outlook: M. C. Escheresque. Every time it seems that the Sabercats are climbing the staircase to success, the stairway suddenly starts stepping downward. One of these years though Chicago will make it to the top, but it will have to wait for it's prospects to develop, and for Pawtucket to decline. But at least the beer is good in Chicago, and the fans always have Kip Zeile to entertain them with his fan friendly personality. There is also the added bonus that with daubs23 stepping down as commissioner, the team can now afford to win without having to worry about conflict of interest outcries from the league.

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