Saturday, September 13, 2008

Decade of Dominance - Tacoma Jerry Gang

Cortez Mack - Cobb Times Herald

Decade of Dominance - The Perils of Abandonment

Today's franchise profile in the Decade of Dominance series is the Tacoma Jerry Gang. Starting off life in Cobb World as the Oakland Frozen Koreans, they were actually a pretty competetive team, and showed great promise. But the sudden disappearance of original owner FrozenK destroyed the team, and it is still suffering to this day, although it is making it's way through the 12 steps of recovery quite nicely.

#31 - Tacoma Jerry Gang

Franchise Power Ranking: 18
Best Year: 91-71, s2 - Worst Year: 36-126, s7
Postseason Achievements: None
Best Player: Robin Gordon - Gordon had 1,188 hits with the Jerry Gang, almost double the next highest total. Gordon also holds the franchise record in HR's with 285, and was the driving force for the franchises offense for many seasons.
Best Pitcher: Don Ong - Ong may not have been an all star, but he is as close to an ace that there is to be found in the history of the team. His heyday was back during the era when the Frozen Koreans were still managed competently.
Best International Prospect: Victor Gandarillas
Best Draft Pick: Brandon Miller
Franchise Theme Song: Alone by the Bee Gees - A fitting theme song for a franchise that started off with promise and was then left alone in the halls of abandonment.
Franchise Highlights: As the Frozen Koreans they posted a 91 win season 2, but still finished in 3rd place in the division. The only franchise to boast 3 #1 overall picks in Cobb World history.
Franchise Lowlights: The abandonment of the franchise by original owner FrozenK in season 3 seriously crippled the team, which is still feeling the effects. A franchise low 36 win season was posted by one and done owner mfoster55 in season 7. Only one pitcher has posted a season of 15 wins or more, Tim Woodson in season 2.
Franchise Outlook: Not that bad actually. Under the steady hand of dwoolery, the Jerry Gang has had some solid drafts and restocked the farm system with many talented prospects. They are still a few seasons away at this point, but when the current collection of youngsters hits the majors, some very good seasons should arrive for the long suffering fans of the Tacoma franchise.

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