Monday, September 15, 2008

Decade of Dominance - Philadelphia Floppin' Phils

Tito McQueen - Cobb Times Herald

Decade of Dominance - Rhymes With Futile

The Philadelphia Floppin' Phils have had one of the most troubled histories in Cobb World, but have made strides towards a winning record under the leadership of notorious franchise flip flopper phillyfan33. The Floppin Phils team holds the Cobb World record for the worst season in league history, and was been abandoned several times in it early years. Recently a surge of offseason free agent signings has brought hope at the beginning of the last few seasons, but they have had yet to pan out into a winning team.

#29 - Philadelphia Floppin' Phils
Franchise Power Ranking: 18.5
Best Year: 79-83, s8 - Worst Year: 29-133, s2
Postseason Achievements: None
Best Player: Jose Barrios - In his only season with the Phils, who were then in St. Louis, Barrios set nearly every offensive record for the team.
Best Pitcher: Marty Leary - Leary had a magical season 6 for the franchise, winning 17 games, and is one short of the franchise leader in career wins with 25.
Best International Prospect:
Rafael Borges
Best Draft Pick: Corey Green
Franchise Theme Song: You're Pitiful by Weird Al Yankovic
Franchise Highlights: Drafted Jamie Beimel with the #1 overall pick in season 5. Franchise also drafted all stars Skeeter Robinson, Corey Green, and Steven Booker. Franchise has been moved to more cities than possibly any other team in Cobb World, including stops in Madison, Philadelphia (twice), St. Louis, and Ottawa.
Franchise Lowlights: Franchise has never made the playoffs, and never had a winning season. Only Beimel remains with the team of the Phil's best draft picks. Rumors abound that the franchise will leave Philadelphia for another city in the near future. Superfan Sal Lovechio brought his potato gun to a game to shoot at the manager and the mascot. Franchise set a Cobb World record for worst season with a 29 win campaign in season 2.
Franchise Outlook: Radical, as in radical change. The Phil's dumped millions of dollars in salary to creat massive cap room and brought in numerous young players in season 9 after their free agent expirament at becoming Pawtucket II failed miserably. The future looks bright for the lineup, but Philly still has no real pitching staff to speak of, which will impede the growth of the franchise until that situation changes.

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