Thursday, September 25, 2008

Decade of Dominance - New York Pick Pockets

Cortez Mack - Cobb Times Herald

Decade of Dominance - Who Stole the Kishka?

Once upon a time the New York Pick Pockets were the sausage race hosting Milwaukee Gold Sox, a team that seemed to have a lot of promise. But then ace pitcher Geoffrey Gates was traded for a bunch of chumps and then owner Arfy was called out by the league, and left shortly thereafter. Current GM EBzer has taken over the team and turned it into a division title contender with a strong lineup and a competitive pitching staff. Perhaps the time is coming soon when it can vault past division stalwarts Fargo and Sioux Falls and take some of the glory for themselves. By placing ahead of the Corn Cleats for the first time in team history, the Pick Pockets have taken the first step.

#24 - New York Pick Pockets
Franchise Power Ranking: 25
Best Year: 94-68, s2 - Worst Year: 64-98, s1
Postseason Achievements: None
Best Player: Joseph Pan - Pan has been the man in New York since season 2, racking up 314 HR's, 1,087 hits, and 813 RBI's.
Best Pitcher: Geoffery Gates - Gates had three monster seasons with the franchise, leading the league in IP for two of them, and is the teams career leader in wins with 60.
Best International Prospect:
Omar Rosado
Best Draft Pick: Kirt Hooper
Franchise Theme Song: Who Stole the Kishka by Frank Yankovic - In homage to the teams time in the sausage heaven of Milwaukee, and their current mascot of the Pick Pocket, this song comibines the two in a perfect polka.
Franchise Highlights: Won a franchise high 94 games in season 2. Drafted several very good players in Kirt Hooper, Jose Gandarillas, Clyde Ford, Brad Mann, and Al Morales. Franchise traded for MVP candidate Ernest McConnell in season 7. Franchise finished in 2nd place in the division in season 9, the teams highest placing in league history.
Franchise Lowlights: Despite winning 94 games, the franchise only finished in 3rd place in season 2. Team caused a stir within the league when it traded Geoffrey Gates and 5 million dollars for Amp Mahay, Amos Sweeney, and Phil Dykhoff, two of whom retired in the minors and the other is riding the bench for another team in arguably one of the worst deals in league history.
Franchise Outlook: Movin' on up! The Pick Pockets finished in 2nd place for the first time in thier history within the NL North, and with Fargo and Sioux Falls projected to be rebuilding during season 10, there is a window to win the division that has never been open before for the franchise. They have the players to do it with MVP candidate Ernest McConnell and Cy Young contender Elvis Christman. The future is now in New York, and all that remains is to seize the opportunity.

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