Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bidding on Jung Never Grows Old!

Buster Gunns - Cobb Times Herald

It is increasingly looking as if Japanese megaprospect Paul Jung will command the most expensive signing bonus ever seen in Cobb World. With Boston Heat GM furniss publicly admitting that he was out of the bidding at 13 million dollars, it will surely be a hefty price tag to land the CF from Tokyo. Financial expert and baseball guru Alan Greenspan had some thoughts about the projected final price, "I am sure that with the factors of inflation in the international markets that Jung will come in at a rate a little higher than expected. I fully expect that the spending for his services will create a small boost in the Tokyo economy, effecting U.S. global relations with Japan, and enriching our nation. In short, he should fetch between 15-17 million dollars."

Jung certainly has all of the tools to be successful in the majors, even though he is only 18 years old currently. Projecting to an extremely high HBD Bill James Composite Rating of 89, there is no doubt that he is a potential five tool player. He has a great batting eye, and should have lots of power and good contact hitting skills. His ability with the glove, with proper coaching, could also be extraordinary.

Not all may be well with Jung however. According to Louisville Tysons GM mhoffa, there is potential that the talented player may have off the field issues. Anonymous sources have said he has competitive eating binges consisting of Nathans Hot Dogs, pickles, and apple pies. There are also rumors that Jung wants to actually be worshipped like his hot dog eating idol Takeru Kobayashi, instead of pursuing a baseball career. But with the money being thrown at him, it will be hard for him to stomach a career other than hardball.

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Bibliotron said...

Final tally for Jung was 17.8 million dollars, 3 year major league contract from the Kansas City Kill.