Thursday, January 24, 2008

Eric Collins, Mustache of the Gods

Buster Gunns - Cobb Times Herald

Mexico City prospect Eric Collins has been making a name not only for his red hot pitching skills, but for his incomparably groomed mustache. Collins, the 3rd overall draft pick in season 6, could perhaps reach Philip Brown heights if he reaches his full potential. But for the moment while he toils in Low A, it is his mustache that is gaining all of the attention.

The birth of the mustache is a bit murky, but the 22 year old Collins has had the stache for at least 3 years. Collins said, "I decided to go with the classic 'Bill the Butcher' after I saw Gangs of New York. Daniel Day Lewis was just badass!" He went on, "I thought about the Tom Selleck circa Magnum P.I., or the Snidely Whiplash, but neither felt as good as the Butcher stache."

Word on the street is that the ladies love the mustache as well. "Amo el bigote de Eric!," exclaimed Low A affiliate Ixmiquilpan Diablos Rojos fan Fortunata Diaz. There is no word yet though if Eric has registered as a member of the American Mustache Institute to cement his stache status.

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American said...

And the American Mustache Institute welcomes Eric with open arms and a large collection of furry upper lips.

Aaron Perlut
Exec. Director