Friday, January 11, 2008

Miss Cleo Predicts Big Things for Pollocks

Buster Gunns - Cobb Times Herald

World Renowned psychic Miss Cleo has been hired by the Jackson Pollocks to see if the predictions of Lars the Greek will actually come true. For a mere 99 cents a minute, she offered her advice to team GM squidvicious. "Me bes tinkin dat de Pollocks will be winnin all der games dis year, I have seen it in de Tarot Cards sweetness," predicted Miss Cleo. "I knows dat Diego Montana wills also be winnin de MVP, now hows about dat!" she also exclaimed. The team is thrilled to have Miss Cleo at their backs as well. "With the predictions of Miss Cleo, how can we lose?" asked Christian Brantley. When asked about the predictions of Lars the Greek, Miss Cleo was quite direct in her criticism. "We alls bes knowin dat Lars de Greek is a fraud, baby. He should bes prosecuted by de govament for his false predictions," she stated.

Miss Cleo has also contracted with Boon Stadium to run the following ad in between innings.

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