Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Josh Price Sues Ex-Wife

AP Newswire - Kansas City

Former Kansas City Kill and Fargo 1B Josh Price has filed for divorce with his wife, Jazzmyn Jadalynn Price. He has also sued her for the burning down of his Kansas City home, when she allegedly went crazy and burnt the house down after an argument over her continued employment as a dancer in a local club. Price was unavailable for comment but issued this statement through his lawyer, "I am moving the hell out of Kansas City, and I will only return to get my money from that evil conniving devil. That ***** is crazy, and I want her to suffer!"

Price and his wife met when Price hit the town with some of his teammates went to the Lion's Den Gentlemen's Lounge after a game. Former teammate Matty Guapo informed us of their first meeting, saying, "Jazzmyn and Josh really hit it off after the first lap dance. She was HOTT! But I wouldn't have brought her home, that kind of women is crazy." Ms. Jones was unavailable for comment, referring all inquiries to her lawyer.

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