Thursday, January 31, 2008

Prospect Report - Syracuse Beagles

The top five prospects for the Syracuse Beagles, as rated by Baseball Guru LLC, special to the Cobb Times Herald

SP Phil Hinch: A
--Hinch is a beast of a pitcher with an excellent pitch selection and deceptive movement, and he is strong to boot. His only concern is average control, but his GB/FB ratio makes up for that.

SS Wilfredo Henriquez: B+
--A slugging SS with excellent contact and power. Above average glove is still a bit suspect for SS and probably better suited to 3B. Brutal batting eye, but all other hitting skills are above average.

SS Raul Palacios: B+
--Contact hitting SS with some pop and a good batting eye. Above average glove, but only average range. Hurt by his durability and inability to play no more than every other game.

2B Rich Rose: A-
--Above average defensive 2B with good hitting skills. Good batting eye, and very good vs. lefties. Has some power, and will be durable enough to play most every day.

SP Kenny Moore: B+
--Hard throwing pitcher with five pitches, two of which are elite. Good control, but is hurt by his tendency to give up too many flyballs for his own good. Average splits.

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