Thursday, January 31, 2008

Prospect Report - Cincinnati HoundDogs

The top five prospects for the Cincinnati HoundDogs, as rated by Baseball Guru LLC, special to the Cobb Times Herald

1B Chipper Harper: A-
--Gifted hitter with above average glove for a 1B. Should be an on base machine with some pop when he makes the bigs. Slight knock for his durability, which may limit him to platoon status.

2B Jose Ordaz: B+
--Talented hitter with a decent batting eye, and average glove. Really shows his skills vs. right handed pitching.

SS Larry Arnold: B
--Gifted defensive SS, could be a regular gold glove at the position. He won't kill you with the bat, but certainly won't be the most productive hitter.

SP Lewis Keller: A-
--Crafty southpaw with impeccable control and deceptive motion. Not a flamethrower, and has the tendency to give up a few flyballs. Five pitches, but the fifth pitch needs some work.

RP Fausto Sierra: B
--Hard throwing lefty has serious velocity and a killer first pitch. Second pitch is only so-so, and he gives up more flyballs than you would like to see in a closer.

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