Friday, February 1, 2008

Prospect Report - Durham Pitbulls

The top five prospects for the Durham Pitbulls, as rated by Baseball Guru LLC, special to the Cobb Times Herald

SS Alex Liriano: B+
--Talented with the glove, Liriano also has an excellent batting eye. Range is a little lower than you would like in a SS, and is only average at the plate in terms of contact and power.

LF Hawk Gutierrez: B
--Excellent skills vs. right handed pitching, average to slightly above average at the plate elsewhere. Glove projects to be adequate for LF, and has the durability to play most days.

RP Charles White: B+
--Remarkable control and deceptive movement vs. Righties. Has trouble with the left handed batter. Doesn't give up many flyballs, and has two good pitches one of which is nearly unhittable.

SP Midre Castro: B
--Quality SP with 5 good to above average pitches. Decent control, and slightly above average splits. If his pitches fully develop he could be trouble for opposing hitters.

3B Louie Beltre: C+
--Average hitter with a weakness vs. left handed pitching. Solid vs. righties and has a decent batting eye. Is well conditioned, and can play every game, but will likely be a backup.

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