Friday, February 1, 2008

Prospect Report - Wichita Wankers

The top five prospects for the Wichita Wankers, as rated by Baseball Guru LLC, special to the Cobb Times Herald

SP Davey Silva: A
--Devastating pitcher with the potential for perfect control. Absolutely dominant vs. right handers, and very good vs. lefties as well. Doesn't give up the flyball, and has two elite pitches. A complete package.

LF Tanner Durham: A
--Monster LF with the bat, shows no weakness in any area at the plate. Very good vs. lefties, and should be an everyday fixture in the lineup when he makes the bigs.

3B Rodney Toombs: A
--Toombs has the potential to hit 5o HR's a year, with an average over .300 every season. Should be an offensive powerhouse in the majors. Glove is average, perhaps mroe suited to a corner OF position.

SS Carlton Nelson: A+
--If there was a can't miss prospect, it's Nelson. Gifted with the glove and bat, he is a true 5 tool player. Bringing gold glove and silver slugger potential to the SS position makes him an A+.

2B Ignacio Lopez: A
--Great glove and range will make him a great defensive SS. His bat is good as well, especially vs. lefties. Speedy player should cause lots of trouble on the basepath.

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