Friday, February 8, 2008

Season 7 Draft Recap - Scranton through Syracuse

Draft analysis of the first two rounds by Peter Van Stoeke, Hardball Scout Specialists, special to Cobb Times Herald.

Scranton Dragons
SP Sam Roberts, round 1, #24: B+
--Solid SP with great splits and velocity, and no weak pitches. Is hurt by is average control and low durability, which may prevent him from going every fifth game.
SS/3B Erv Castillo, round 2, #68: B-
--Below average defensive capabilities for the SS position, but not quite enough skill with the bat for the hot corner. Probably has a future as a utilityman.
Overall draft grade: B-
--Roberts is good but needs lots of rest, and Castillo doesn't really have a natural position, but both should make the bigs.

Seattle Seacows
LF Roger Sanders, round 1, #11: A-
--Great hitting LF with power and a superb eye. Excellent glove for the LF position as well. The only knock on Sanders is his durability, which will only allow him to play maybe 120-130 games in a season.
SS Phil Prior, round 2, #55: B+
--Gifted with the glove, shows great range and accuracy as well. Durable SS who can play every game. Enigmatic with the bat, has a great eye and good contact hitting skills, yet has real trouble at the plate, esp. vs. right handed pitching. Still manages to draw a lot of walks however.
Overall draft grade: B+
--Sanders will be a rock solid player in the majors when he makes it, and even though Prior has some troubles at the plate occasionally, he will be an impact SS as well in the field.

Sioux Falls Corn Cleats
SP Bobby Joe Hill, round 1, #30: B+
--Hill has what it takes to be a solid innings eater. He has deceptive movement on both sides of the plate and throws 4 quality pitches with high heat. But his control is suspect, which could cause problems down the road.
SP Tommy Conway, round 1, #42: B
--Conway boasts impeccable control, above average splits, and smoking velocity. But his pitch selection is merely adequate, and he has trouble sometimes giving up flyballs.
SP Cozy Linden, round 2, #74: C+
--Linden has above average splits, and three good pitches. The problem is he only has three pitches, average control, and a weak arm. Could make it as a long man in the majors.
Overall draft grade: B
--Hill and Conway are going to make the majors at some point, and Linden might as well. Sioux Falls addressed the lack of pitching depth in their farm system, so this draft while not great is a success.

Syracuse Beagles
CF Charles Reese, round 1, #13: A
--Stud CF with outstanding range and glove. Hits for high contact and power, with a remarkable batting eye. Only knock is his average durability, but this kid can play.
CF Curt Fox, round 1, #37: B+
--Speedy CF with great range and glove. As talented defensively as Reese, but not the hitter that the Beagles first pick is. Still solid with the bat, just not spectacular.
CF Mitchell Marshall, round 2, #57: N/A
--Unsigned draft pick, perhaps because of salary demands, perhaps because he has two last names, or perhaps because the Beagles already have two very good CF prospects signed.
Overall draft grade: A-
--Drafted two very good CF prospects, both of whom should make the majors. Coupled with a couple of intriguing picks in rounds 4 & 5, that could develop into solid hitters, and you have a very good draft in Syracuse.

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