Thursday, February 7, 2008

Season 7 Draft Recap - Chicago through Huntington

Draft analysis of the first two rounds by Peter Van Stoeke, Hardball Scout Specialists, special to Cobb Times Herald.

Chicago Sabercats
RP David Bryant, round 1, #10, B
--The flamethrowing lefty Bryant has two good pitches, is good vs. lefties, and has a great GB/FB ratio. He gets into trouble sometimes with his average control and slighly above average work against right handed hitting.
RP Matt Warner, round 2, #54: B-
--Warner is another hard throwing reliever who doesn't often give up the home run. He has better control than Bryant, but the movement of his pitches isn't as good.
Overall draft grade: B-
--The Sabercats drafted two solid but not spectacular relievers. Both should be able to pitch in the majors, but whether or not they can succeed as closers remains to be seen.

Cincinnati HoundDogs
2B Bob Erving, round 1, #26: B+
--Erving has a good bat, and should be able to succeed vs. big league pitching. His glove leaves a lot to be desired for a 2B, so he probably has a future in the outfield.
RF Charles Hall, round 2, #70: C
--Slap hitter Hall has good contact hitting skills and a solid eye at the plate. Very susceptable to left handed pitching, and his glove is only average.
Overall draft grade: C+
--Erving is a good pick and can play multiple outfield positions, and perhaps the hot corner, but the rest of the draft is nothing exceptional.

Durham Pitbulls
CF Brook Colin, round 1, #6: A
--Colin is a five tool player with the potential to be a perennial all-star. His bat is superior, he has excellent power, and a very good glove. A fine first round pick.
SP Haywood Sodowsky, round 2, #50: C
--Sodowsky has good control, a fine first pitch, and excellent stamina. But his below average movement, velocity, and pitch selection leave a lot to be desired.
Overall draft grade: B
--Colin is an excellent pick that will be a star barring injury. But the rest of the draft yielded borderline pitchers who might not help the Pitbulls big league team.

Fargo Fug Nuts
SP Omar Fuentes, round 1, #31: C+
--Fuentes is a workhorse with good control and velocity. But his splits are only average, and he only has one good pitch. Still, he has a shot to produce at the ML level in some capacity.
SP Miguel Colon, round 2, #75: C
--Colon is another workhorse SP with excellent control and velocity. His splits are average, as is his pitch selection. He is hurt by his poor health and tendency to give up lots of fly balls.
Overall draft grade: D+
--the pitchers drafted by Fargo are servicable, but only just. But considering that they probably won't be Fug Nuts by the end of next season, grading this teams picks is probably a moot point.

Helena Hellraisers
SP Brook Lennon, round 1, #19: A-
--Lennon has what it takes to be a top of the rotation innings eater. He has incredible stamina, excellent splits, a good GB/FB ratio, and two very good pitches. Is hurt only by is avearge control and last two pitches, which are slightly below average.
RF Justin Villano, round 2, #63: B
--Villano will be a slugging RF who will hit a lot of homers, but only bat in the .250 range. Average glove for the position. Will probably platoon with 3rd round pick Justin Stein, who is cut from the same cloth.
Overall draft grade: A-
--Lennon will be a solid major leaguer, and the power from the combination of Stein and Villano will make them an everyday force in the outfield.

Huntington Hillbillies
1B Spud Upshaw, round 1, #17: A-
--Very good slugging 1B with solid hitting skills across the board. Great in the clubhouse as well, and should reach his full potential.
1B P.T. Wiggins, round 2, #61: B-
-- Wiggins can hit, but with less power and contact than Upshaw. Joins an already loaded with 1B farm system, so his future with the Hillbillies is uncertain. 3rd round pick Joel Lee offers a contact hitting approach that Wiggins lacks, and is a change of pace.
Overall draft grade: B
--Upshaw will be a very good hitting 1B. Wiggins and Lee should be able to hit as well. The only problem is that Huntington is already loaded with 1B prospects, so where these players fit is in question.


krs96 said...

I will tell you where they fit in. Throughout the minor league teams until they can be traded. I just always draft the best available prospect regardless of position and depth of the franchise.

Bibliotron said...

I'm not doubting your drafting skills krs, they have been solid every season, very good players go through Huntington. 1B's like that will be able to net you other prospects for sure. Good work.

krs96 said...

I was actually surprised I ended up with all 3, but I know and everyone knows these guys are going to want to play in the Bigs Someday, and I can only carry 2 of them on the Big league team.

SenorPloppie said...

I appreciate the D+. It reminds me of my school days.