Thursday, February 7, 2008

Season 7 Draft Recap - Anaheim through Charlotte

Draft analysis of the first two rounds by Peter Van Stoeke, Hardball Scout Specialists, special to Cobb Times Herald.

Anaheim Sharks
SS Lew Allen, round 1, #32: B+
--Allen projects to be a very talented hitter with superior power and splits. But his range is below average for the SS position, and he has a tendency to get hurt.
CF Preston Brand, round 1, #43: B+
--Brand has an exceptional glove, which offsets his average range. Good contact hitter with a good eye vs. lefties. Has trouble with right handed pitching however.
3B Morgan Stargell, round 2, #76, C
--Stargell has good range and a good glove for a 3B, but his bat is only average. Should be a solid backup in the bigs.
Overall draft grade: B+
--The Sharks drafted two starters and a solid backup with their first three picks. If Allen can stay healthy he should be a very good player.

Arizona Devildogs
3B Brandon Miller, round 1, #5: A
--Stud prospect with a good glove at the 3B position. Can hit equally well vs. lefties and righties. Has good pop with the bat as well, and can play every day without a rest if need be.
SS Curtis Hogg, round 2, #49: N/A
--If he signs the Devildogs will get some good depth at the SS position, but until then the jury is out.
C Ossie Bryne, round 3, #81: B
--Bryne is a good catcher who can throw runners out. His bat is solid, he has an exceptional eye vs. all pitching. Hurt by his below average pitch calling, contact, and power.
Overall draft grade: B+
--The Devildogs drafted two future starters who can both hit the ball very well. If Hogg signs then the draft will be even better.

Atlanta Warthogs
RP Hack Wyatt, round 1, #20: A-
--Wyatt projects to be their Warthogs big league closer in a few years after Sutton starts to tail off in production. He should have good control, velocity, GB/FB ratio, killer movement vs. righties, above avg vs. lefties, and two outstanding pitches.
SS Pablo Pinzon, round 2, #64: N/A
--Pinzon showed great defensive promise and good skills with the bat, but his contract demands are proving too high for the Warthogs.
3B Vernon Davis, round 3, #96, B-
--Davis has good skills with the glove for a 3B, and the Warthogs expect him to hit for decent average and power in the bigs in 4-5 seasons.
Overall draft grade: B
--The Warthogs filled a need with their first pick, but the inability to sign Pinzon knocks down their overall grade. Wyatt is a good third pick, but doesn't have the glove of Pinzon.

Boston Heat
SS Rob Taylor, round 1, #25: B+
--Taylor projects to be a solid hitting SS. His glove will only be average for the position, but his superior splits and batting eye should keep him in the lineup every day. Perhaps a position change to CF might be in his future.
SP Omar Lopez, round 1, #41: B
--Lopez could be a back end of the rotation starter, with above average splits, and excellent control. He is hurt by his average pitch selection, lack of velocity, and sub-par stamina.
2B Francis Kent, round 1, #44: B+
--Kent should be an everyday player in the bigs. His glove is only average, but his hitting skills are above average for the 2B position.
SS Russell Nady, round 2, #64: C
--Nady has the durability to play everyday, but unfortunately his glove is only average, which is not enough to offset his below average hitting abilities. Could be a solid bench player though.
Overall draft grade: B+
--The Heat bagged 3 solid big leaguers, and one fringe player with their four picks. While there may not be an all-star in the bunch, the quality of depth was well done.

Charlotte Dogs
SP Ariel Cervantes, round 1, #14: N/A
--Cervantes has what it takes to be a front line starter, if the Dogs meet his obscene contract demands. Good control, splits, and pitch selection would help Charlotte if he signs.
SS Stephan Cogan, round 1, #38: B+
--Cogan projects to be a below average defensive SS, but can hit the ball quite well vs. righties. Would be well served by a switch to 3B, where his glove would be better used.
Overall draft grade: C
--If Cervantes signs, the grade moves to a B+, but without a second round pick the depth of the draft is lacking.

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