Friday, February 8, 2008

Season 7 Draft Recap - New York (AL) through Pawtucket

Draft analysis of the first two rounds by Peter Van Stoeke, Hardball Scout Specialists, special to Cobb Times Herald.

New York Brokers
SS Luther McNamara, round 1, #3: A-
--Defensive wizard McNamara has an exceptional glove. Also has excellent skills vs. both lefties and righties. May not hit for much power, but should hit for high average.
SP Clint Meche, round 2, #47: B
--Meche is a potential end of the rotation starter. Has very precise control, powerful velocity and a very good first pitch. His average splits offset this a little bit, but he should make the bigs at some point.
Overall draft grade: B
--McNamara is solid, and Meche will be servicable, but these players don't address the need for a power hitter in the NY system. Still the draft had good depth, with later rounds also yielding very good defensive shortstops.

New York Pick Pockets
2B Mike Wilson, round 1, #18: B+
--Wilson is an above average hitting 2B. He has a good eye, good splits, good contact and power, but none of those skills are elite. His glove is average, but he shows good range.
SP Tom Christopher, round 2, #62: N/A
--Christopher could be a #5 starter or long reliever if he signs. Good control is offset by weakness vs. left handed hitting and poor GB/FB ratio.
Overall draft grade: C
--The Pick Pockets signed a solid if not spectacular player in Wilson, but the inability to sign their round 2, 3, & 4 picks lowers the draft grade.

Omaha Sluggers
SS Raymond Sanford, round 1, #27: A-
--Slugging SS Sanford was drafted for his power and good splits vs. lefties and righties. Lack of range and accuracy could portend a move to another position in the future. Should be a 5 or 6 hitter in the bigs.
SS J.R. Brunette, round 2, #71: B+
--Brunette has solid splits, is very good vs. right handed pitching, and slightly above average power. Drafted as an SS, his defensive skills project better at 2B or a corner OF position. Should be a solid platoon or super utility player in the bigs.
Overall draft grade: B+
--Omaha drafted solid and talented players with their first two picks. Neither will be superstars, but both will be solid contributers at the big league level.

Pawtucket G-Maniacs
SP Frank Harper, round 1, #28: A-
--Harper projects to be a very solid SP, possibly a 2 or a 3 starter in the bigs. Good pitches, splits, and control are only slightly offset by average GB/FB ratio and low stamina.
SS Chris Parrish, round 2, #72: B
--Parrish is a very good defensive SS, but is only average at best at the plate. Still, his glove and ability to play almost every day will land him a spot on a big league roster someday.
Overall draft grade: B-
--Harper has the potential to be a good major league pitcher, Parrish will be solid in the field, but neither of these two players will be stars in the bigs. Solid but not great draft for the G-Maniacs.

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