Thursday, February 7, 2008

Season 7 Draft Recap - Jackson through Mexico City

Draft analysis of the first two rounds by Peter Van Stoeke, Hardball Scout Specialists, special to Cobb Times Herald.

Jackson Pollocks
RP Derrick Hunter, round 1, #23: B
--Hunter has excellent splits and control. But he is hurt by his velocity and GB/FB ratio. Potential to be solid setup/part time closer.
1B Brutus Cooper, round 1, #29: B
--Cooper has great contact skills with some pop in the bat, but a brutal batting eye. Jackson is overstocked at 1B already so where he will fit is uncertain.
C Hal Wise, round 1, #36: B-
--Solid defensive catcher with some pop, will probably make the majors as a backup.
CF Wayne Lowe, round 2, #67: B+
--Excellent defensive CF with speed. Good contact at the plate. Should be a starter in the bigs some day.
Overall draft grade: C+
--Jackson picked late, but had an extra compensatory pick. Given that, the haul was not that strong. No real stand outs with any of the picks, and later picks weren't even signed for depth. A weak farm system wasn't helped much.

Kansas City KILL
SP Steve Kerr, round 1, #16: A
--Kerr has all the tools to be an ace starter for any team. The only potential weak point on this player is his health, which could lead to nagging injuries.
SP Walt Mays, round 1, #33: A-
--Mays should be a very good pitcher, with excellent splits, pitches, etc... Only weak area is his velocity, and control which is only a little above average. Still, should be solid.
RF Mateo Lopez, round 2, #56: B
--Lopez is an above average hitter with some pop and a decent eye. His glove will suffice at the position. Could be an everyday player in the bigs.
LF Mario Baxter, round 2, #60: N/A
--Talented hitting LF with great power and eye. Probably won't sign though as his demands top 7 million dollars.
Overall draft grade: A
--K.C. scored big time in the draft with their two SP's Kerr and Mays. Lopez will be solid as well. If Baxter somehow signs this is an A+ draft.

Los Angeles Drillers
SP Tommy Wakeland, round 1, #15: A
--Wakeland has what it takes to be a #1 starter on any team. The crafty rightie has an excellent pitch selection, great splits and phenomenal control. Very bright future.
1B Kent Stanley, round 2, #59: A-
--Talented hitting 1B with great power and superior batting eye. 50+ HR potential with .300 average are what he is capable of.
Overall draft grade: A-
--Very good draft for the drillers, with two definite ML starters selected. If 3rd round pick Ron Priddy signs, this draft is an A.

Louisville Tysons
1B Nate Callaway, round 2, #73: B
--Injury prone 1B with good eye and power. He can hit the ball when he's healthy.
1B Lonnie Holzemer, round 3, #105: C+
--Power hitting 1B, but is strikeout prone. Average splits and glove, but should play when Callaway is on the DL.
Overall draft grade: C
--Not having a first round pick hurts the draft grade for the Tysons. But they did succeed in getting power at the first base position, as their 2nd and 3rd round picks are capable of making the bigs.

Mexico City Diablos Rojos
SP Eric Collins, round 1, #21: B+
--This years Eric Collins is not as good as last years Eric Collins, but is still solid. Excellent splits and control are offset by poor health and deficient secondary pitches. Still should be a quality starter in the bigs.
C Charlie Baker, round 1, #34: C
--Baker can hit the ball fairly well and call a good game, but only when he is rested and healthy enough to play. He probably could have been had much later in the draft.
2B Ira Riggs, round 1, #39: B
--Riggs has only an average glove for a 2B, but can hit the ball out of the park with regularity. Should be an everyday player in the bigs at some point.
2b Stan Oliver, round 2, #58: B
--Better defensive 2b than Riggs, Oliver hits almost as well too. Less power and slightly worse splits, but still has the potential to be an everyday player as well.
RF Ryne Gipson, round 2, #65: C+
--One dimensional player, Gipson has tons of power and a good batting eye. Good range for RF but average glove. Still, his power will find him a spot in a lineup somewhere.
Overall draft grade: B+
--Good draft adds lots of depth to Mexico Cities farm system. Collins has the potential to be good, and Riggs, Oliver, and Gipson should all make the bigs in some capacity. The mystery is drafting Baker so high.

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