Friday, February 8, 2008

Season 7 Draft Recap - Toledo through Wichita

Draft analysis of the first two rounds by Peter Van Stoeke, Hardball Scout Specialists, special to Cobb Times Herald.

Toledo Tsunamis
SP Ron Reilly, round 1, #8: A+
--Everything about Reilly says "Ace." Which is a good thing because the GM of the Tsunamis has been unable to get any kind of pitching up to this point. Unless Reilly is stupidly rushed to the majors, he will be a dominant force for years.
CF Napoleon Scott, round 2, #52: B+
--Superspeedy CF Scott owns the basepath. He has excellent range and a great glove. Is scary good vs. left handed pitching, though his other hitting skills, notably his eye, leave something to be desired.
Overall draft grade: A-
--The Tsunamis helped their farm system immensely with their top two picks, which filled two big needs for Toledo. They better start preparing a locker for Reilly at Fifth Third Field.

Tucson Hot Sauce
SP Fernando Coronado, round 1, #4: B
--Above average SP with good splits, velocity, and pitch selection. Average control will hurt him a bit however, as will the lack of a second dominant pitch.
SP Micah Conigliaro, round 2, #48: B+
--Actually a better prospect than Coronado, Conigliaro boasts better splits, control, GB/FB ratio, and pitch selection. His pitch selection is excellent, with one near unhittable pitch and four more quality pitches.
Overall draft grade: B
--Two quality pitchers were selected, and both should make the majors as starters at some point. The only knock is that the Hot Sauce probably could have gotten someone better with the 4th overall pick.

Vancouver Vultures
SP Erubiel Owen, round 1, #7: A-
--Will need some seasoning before hitting the bigs, but his superb control will make his blazing fastball and dynamic breaking ball extremely effective. Should be a front end pitcher in the majors at some point.
RP Gabby Morris, round 2, #51: B
--Morris boasts superior control and two good pitches, which should allow him to be a good option in the 7th or 8th innings. Occasionally gives up the flyball though, and is only average vs. right handed pitching.
Overall draft grade: B+
--The Vultures solidified their farm system with three solid picks, including contact hitting IF Sherman Brantley. Solid draft that produced three future big league players of quality.

Wichita Wankers
CF Dorian Woolf, round 1, #9: A
--Slugging CF with tremendous hitting skills and frightening power with the bat. Great glove and good range for a CF as well. Only knock is average durability and batting eye. Still will be a monster in the bigs at some point.
CF Pascual Velazquez, round 2, #53: A-
--Velazquez doesn't have the power of Woolf, but sports better range and a better batting eye. Potential to play 2B as well. Above average hitter, and slightly more durable than Woolf.
Overall draft grade: A
--With slugging 3rd pick Pete Jensen, the Wankers drafted some serious hitting for their already deep farm system. Woolf will be a monster, and the other two will be in the majors as well. Great draft.

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